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EPISODE 130 – Becoming a Sexy Boss with Heather Havenwood

Meet Our Guest: 

Heather Ann Havenwood, CEO of Havenwood Worldwide, LLC and Chief Sexy Boss, is a serial entrepreneur and major business builder interested in everyone being successful – with a special place in her heart for helping women equal the playing field.  She is regarded as a top authority on internet marketing, business strategies, and marketing.  Since marketing her first online business in 1999, bringing together clients and personal coaches, she has played an active role in the online marketing world – before most Read the rest
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EPISODE 101 – Behind the Buy – Is the Why

“A budget tells us what we can’t afford, but it doesn’t keep us from buying it.” – William Feather

People make purchases and decisions based on different reasons with one thing in common – emotions. In today’s episode, I wanted to talk about what motivates people to buy from you. People wonder why people do not buy from them at first encounter. There are two main reasons: they need to know, like, and trust you and that can take 5-12 touches (times of contact – email, phone, in-person, … Read the rest

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Episode 90 – Turn Someday into Today with Lisa Larter


Meet Our Guest:

Lisa Larter, founder of lisalarter.com, is a Business Consultant, Social Media Strategist, and Speaker.  She works with businesses to maximize their profits and scale beyond their dreams, using social media, relationship marketing, and dead-simple, eye-opening systems.  She’s helped increase the visibility and profits of a wide range of clients — including retail groups, authors, realtors, brick-and-mortar businesses, shopping centers, online entrepreneurs, and, her favorite big-name advisee, Deepak Chopra. His feedback? “Lisa, you’re the best.”

Read the rest
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Episode 83 – Finding Your Ideal Client

Read the rest
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Episode 80 – The Power of Never Giving Up with Joel Boggess


Meet Our Guest:

Joel Boggess helps entrepreneurs and leaders get more from themselves so that they can get more from their teams.

He’s the speaker to call when your office, team, or organization is feeling stuck, under-challenged or overwhelmed.

Joel’s most popular keynotes and workshop sessions are:

The Power of Never Giving Up;
Triple your Sales: The unconventional strategy for unbelievable results;
Find your Voice: The 3 part path to clarity, confidence, and direction.

His podcast, ReLaunch:

Named by Podcasters’ Paradise – “Most Inspirational” two years in … Read the rest

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Episode 78 – Blow Up, Scale Up Marketing Method with Kamila Gornia


Meet Our Guest:

Kamila Gornia is the “Blow Up, Scale Up” Marketing Strategist who helps entrepreneurs
blow up and scale up their businesses to become true leaders online. By teaching her
clients and community how to leverage their own natural personalities into strategic
marketing campaigns that are both profitable AND fun, Kamila is proving over and over
again that if you can dream it, you CAN really achieve it!

Read the rest
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Episode 76 – Getting Your Marketing Message to Stick with Kallon John


Meet Our Guest:

Kallon John is a copywriter and marketer. He’s the marketing manager at Make Your Mark Training and Consulting, a company that has a 7-step process to that helps entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. Kallon is a conversion expert – his specialty is taking what’s there a tweaking it to make it much, much better.

Read the rest
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5 ‘TED Talks’ Every Entrepreneur Must Watch

The most successful business owners and entrepreneurs know it is important to commit to lifelong learning to be successful. One of the most accessible curated variety of resources lies in TED Talks. TED Talks are a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas and they cover a wide range of topics in business, technology, educations and so much more. I was fortunate to attend one a few years ago and was inspired by many of the speakers’ journeys and messages. I hope one day I too will share an idea worth spreading in a TED Talk.

Entrepreneurs think much differently than the Read the rest

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Are You Giving Away the Farm?

How much is too much? As a business owner and entrepreneur I have asked myself this question over and over. In my mind the voices battle it out saying, “Don’t be too salesy. You are a teacher at heart.” When it is right to sell and when is it right to educate?  How much should I be sharing?

I say…give it all away!

No, I am not talking about giving away all your products and services for free!

I am saying you need to be sharing your best stuff! Your best information, tips, and techniques!

I can hear you from Read the rest

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Episode 65 – The Rollercoaster Ride of an Entrepreneur

“There’s lots of bad reasons to start a company. But there’s only one good, legitimate reason, and I think you know what it is: it’s to change the world.” – Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote

When you became an entrepreneur, you never bargained that your choice would be compared to that of the roller coaster ride. I not a big fan of roller coasters; however, when my kids wanted to go on them, I would pull out my watch and I would look at how long it … Read the rest

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How to Pivot and Position Yourself in Changing Economic Times

The economy is constantly changing whether it is due to the current political party or available resources. It does not matter if you have right sized, downsized, or any sized, you need to adapt to the fluctuation of the marketplace. If you are a business owner, you know that you can’t sit around and wait for the timing to be just right.

You’ve probably learned that there are times you have needed to dig deep and tap into creativity and lead the way in innovation. You may have heard the entrepreneurial saying, “build the plane as you fly”. Entrepreneurs are … Read the rest

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How to Get Your Marketing Plan Off the Ground?

Many start ups entrepreneurs are unprepared for the trials and tribulations of being an entrepreneur. They try different approaches and different tactics that do not always side in their favor. They may have tried a brilliant idea or approach with all their energy and enthusiasm to only quit after the 2nd or 3rd attempt. They get discouraged and quit because people are not coming in droves to buy their products and services. Does this sound like someone you know?

Successful marketing is developed over time and consistent in its messaging efforts. The more and Read the rest

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3 Reasons Why You Need to Have a Marketing Plan


I remember when I first heard people talking about a marketing funnel and filling your pipeline. It all sounded more like oil pipelines and striking it rich with oil that it did about marketing. I now think of the analogy more like striking it rich due to consistently delivering and serving my market.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
Benjamin Franklin

Too many business owners are walking around without of plan of action. They are taking stabs in the dark by trying out random marketing tactics once or twice and abandoning them if they do not … Read the rest

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5 Great Reasons to Rebrand

“Authentic brands don’t emerge from marketing cubicles or advertising agencies. They emanate from everything the company does…”
Howard Schultz, Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time

18870173_lYour brand is everything from your business card to how you do business. There comes a time when new marketing strategies come into practice. The re-branding process can make you feel like a bundle of nerves and very excited at the same time. For me, it is going to be transformational. A fresh new look – new life.

Years ago, I started “The Millionaire Woman”

Read the rest
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Transform Your Business and Bottom Line in the Next 28 Days

In the world of business, there are good books and then there are great books! I discovered a great book entitled, “Get Clients Now!” by C.J. Hayden.

Courtesy of ImageryMajestic/freedigitalphotos.net

Courtesy of ImageryMajestic/freedigitalphotos.net

Marketing is  one of the key pieces to being successful in business.

In this book, there are four simple action plans that can transform your business in the next 28 days. I know firsthand as a business coach that these small shifts are worth their weight in gold . The small shifts start with discovering what is holding you back from your ultimate success .

 When Read the rest

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5 Secrets to Building Your List in the Next 30 Days

Courtesy of photostock/freedigitalphotos.net

Courtesy of photostock/freedigitalphotos.net

Building a online community of followers was quite foreign to me when I first started my business. As I did some research, I became very excited.


Not only does having a website – give you a global presence, you can now build relationships all over the world. Talk about leverage and opportunities to make an impact world wide.

At the same time I became overwhelmed and did not know where to start. Perhaps you can relate to this.

Thankfully, I did not pull out any hair but began to focus on learning about one area … Read the rest

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Marketing Isn’t Everything…It’s Everything!

Marketing is the key for positioning your business in the marketplace.

Courtesy of ImageryMajestic/freedigitalphotos.net

Courtesy of ImageryMajestic/freedigitalphotos.net

Many small business owners are leaving money on the table for not effectively positioning themselves and getting the word out about their businesses.

Here are three places you should be marketing your message consistently:

  • Your Business Card – Use both sides! One side for your name, what you do, and contact information. You may even want to put a picture in there. The back side should ask the most common pressing questions you clients ask? What solution you provide? Or an offer to redirect them to
Read the rest
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Why You Need a Piece of the Marketing Pie?

Are you wanting to grow your business and taste how sweet success can be? You will definitely want to know how to learn about marketing pie! Marketing is an important part of your business operations. Your marketing strategy is the part of your business that attracts clients to you and your products and services – it is how they get to hear about you and get to know you. Marketing helps you build your list or database and then key in your follow-up.

The marketing pie is a tool that I use to help me focus on my business and … Read the rest

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Can You STAND Still, Up, and Out in Your Business?

There are times when I feel like I am running a marathon and other times I feel like I am standing still even though many things are getting done because I delegated them. Continuous consistent movement is the key in business. You can STAND:

STILL: You should always have some reflection throughout your day, your week, and your month. Take 10-15 minutes to sit in silence and even journal to clear your head of all the brainstorming that is cluttering your mind. Ideas need to be transcribed onto paper otherwise they may remain as ideas and “Poof! They … Read the rest

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Good Gossip – Be Known, Be Remembered, and Be Talked About

Do you believe in moments of serendipity? Do you believe in the law of attraction? Do you believe that gestures of kindness go a long way in becoming known, remembered and even talked about? I want to share with you the tale of two purses. A couple months ago I was visiting my sister and her family. We were walking along a rocky beach when my purse strap snapped and my purse dropped to the ground. I looked around for a purse for several weeks and started to get a bit frustrated because I could not find one I liked.… Read the rest

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