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EPISODE 131 – Putting Hearts in Seats with Levi Sanford

Meet Our Guest:

Levi Sanford is widely regarded as a global leader in direct response advertising, lead generation, and online conversion strategy. He transforms online advertising campaigns for the world’s most influential entrepreneurs and brands in over 47 industries across 5 continents, spending over $30 million and receiving over 53 billion ad impressions in the past 5 years alone.

Levi believes that we can truly solve the world’s problems through effective campaigning. Levi’s mission is to help people who may be on their last dollar or last Read the rest

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If at First You Do Not Succeed, Believe!

Have you ever had the burning feeling in your gut that you are here for a greater purpose? Have you made mistakes but have course corrected? Have you learned from your mistakes? If you have said, “YES!” to any of the previous questions you are on your way to success. First, you are must not give up on something you know you are here to do. Secondly, if you have course corrected to get back on track you have an awareness of what works and want doesn’t work – you have an instinct. Finally, you have learned from the greatest … Read the rest

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Are You All Tied Up with Other People’s Agendas?

The results you get in your business are a direct result of your productivity and your focus. Are you wishing you were not pulled so many directions? Do you wish you had more time doing what you love? Would you like to have more “me time” ? Would you like to make more money in your business? You can!

Take a look at your to- do list and what are “Other People’s Agenda” items, or OPA, (sorry – not the thrilling of excitement you may hear at a Greek restaurant).  These items can be very time consuming and even drain … Read the rest

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Great Sales Book Review: Are You Giving to Get or Getting to Give?

Great books are not just made, they are born from knowledge and experience. Bob Burg and John David Mann, have done a fabulous job of creating value and closing the sale in their 2 amazing books:

The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Ideaand Go-Givers Sell More . According to Burg and Mann, there are Five Laws of Stratospheric Success: Value, Compensation, Influence,  Authenticity, and Receptivity. For those of you who are wondering what stratospheric means, “stratospheric” means extremely high! Success beyond your wildest dreams! Would you like to learn how? 

Many lessons and concepts are shared … Read the rest

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Become the Leader of the Life You Are Truly Meant to Live

The journey of your life begins with choosing to become a leader of your own life. A leader who embraces their values and makes decisions that aligned with those very same values. There is more to life than going through the motions. Create a life that matters by being the leader you know you are meant to be.

Here are my 3 tips for being a leader in your own life:

Start taking responsibility for your life.When I say responsibility, I mean OWN your life. Ditch the excuses, complaints, and blaming others for why you feel hard done by. … Read the rest

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Putting Failure into Perspective

Read the rest
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Creating Wealth with Kathleen Mailer

Creating Wealth with Kathleen Mailer (www.kathleenmailer.com)- Publisher of Today’s Business Woman Magazine

3 Ways to Create Wealth

You need to have three different things in your income. You need to create:

  1. Immediate Income: You can give someone a product and they give you $20 back.
  2. Intermediate Income: Money you know is coming in every month for the next 12-18  months no matter what, whether you are working or not.
  3. Legacy Income: Something that continues to grow and grow for passing it on for generation to generation.
Read the rest
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Building Confidence

Are there times that you wish you felt more confident when you walk a room? If you look around that room, do you think everyone is 100% all the time? Tell you what, everybody lacks confidence in one area in their life or another, especially when they are trying out new things. Instead of worrying about that someone is so much better than you and comparing yourself. Look at the areas in your life that you are confident in, you feel completely in control in. You already ARE and HAVE confidence in many areas of your life…maybe just not in … Read the rest

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Good Gossip – Be Known, Be Remembered, and Be Talked About

Do you believe in moments of serendipity? Do you believe in the law of attraction? Do you believe that gestures of kindness go a long way in becoming known, remembered and even talked about? I want to share with you the tale of two purses. A couple months ago I was visiting my sister and her family. We were walking along a rocky beach when my purse strap snapped and my purse dropped to the ground. I looked around for a purse for several weeks and started to get a bit frustrated because I could not find one I liked.… Read the rest

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Social Media Lesson with Gail Z. Martin

Gail Z. Martin shares tips from her book, 30 Days to Social Media Success with Debra Kasowski.

Facebook is truly just another form of business networking. Don’t be afraid of it because it is on the internet. If you can go to a networking luncheon or an after hours event and talk to people and get them interested in what you do and the problems you solve. You can do the same thing on Facebook.

Be of service. It is not just about going out and selling. It is about seeing how you can make a personal connection and build … Read the rest

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Handling Objections with Lori Raudnask

Lori Raudnask share tips on how to handle sales objections with Debra Kasowski.

One of the most important s to do when handling a sales objection is to always acknowledge what your client is objecting to. For instance, if someone has an objection say: thank you for sharing, I appreciate that, so you think the price is too high. Always come into their world first and find out the reason why they are objecting.

Ask a question. For example -“So the price is too high. I appreciate that. What have you compared it to?” Really go into their world … Read the rest

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Increase Your Positivity Level

Are you looking at your glass as half empty or half full? It is really important when you project yourself out in the world that you are coming from a place as have full and on the way to filling ‘er up! The reason being is -you can get caught up very easily in comparing yourself to others. Worrying about what others think. Guess what? People are so busy – they do not have time to look what is going on in your world. They have enough trouble looking after their own so do not worry about what other people … Read the rest

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Ignite Your Imagination

Read the rest
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