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Collaboration versus Competition – Which One is Better?

We’ve all heard about having the competitive edge. When it comes to business and the work being done in organizations, the competitive edge occurs when each individual is honing their own skills therefore enhancing the effectiveness of teamwork.

Collaboration is often referred to as the new competition. Shifting from a “Me to We” mentality. The problems faced tend to be more complex and one person alone can’t always come up with a solution. It is becoming more important to tap into the diversity of your people. They come from diverse backgrounds, have a wide variety of knowledge, skills, and Read the rest

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Episode 49: Creating the Collaborative Advantage

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
Helen Keller

The saying “If you can’t beat them join them.” holds true when it comes to creating the collaborative advantage. The collaborative advantage is the ability to form beneficial and rewarding relationships with other businesses and organizations. When forming a collaboration, it is important to create a relationship that has mutual benefits in which both feel like they’ve achieved a win-win toward meeting their goals. It’s not a trade-off that if I … Read the rest

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Are You Sowing the Seeds of Success?

I realize the topic of sowing seeds of success may seem like a gardener, farmer, or Johnny Appleseed to do but it is so revealing to one’s success. You may think, “How does sowing seeds actually apply to me?” In business, the more you build the relationships you have and create and the more people who learn or know of your business (your list), the greater your revenue stream eventually will be. Your networth is directly proportional to your network. People need to get to know, like, and trust you in order to do business with you. Sowing the “Seeds … Read the rest

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