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Why Your Attitude Matters

Although skill, ability, and having the right opportunity seem to be stepping stones to success, the one game-changing quality that makes the biggest difference is a person’s attitude. A person’s attitude will determine their altitude in achieving success. If someone needed a tiebreaker in determining the best-qualified candidate for the position, the selection would come down to a person’s attitude. Your attitude is how you approach life.

“Life is 10 percent what you make it
and 90 percent how you take it.”
― Irving Berlin

Attitude Awareness

Attitude is one of the most important predictors of your success. Your perspective Read the rest

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How to Become an Effective Leader by Building Resiliency

You don’t have to go far to learn about some of the challenges people are facing in their businesses and organizations. You just have to turn on the news or look around you. There appears to be a great strain on society today being so busy that they are unable to find equilibrium. People are asked to do more with less. People look busy running from one activity to the next but are they productive? Are they meeting their deadlines or quotas?

The one constant in everyone’s life is change. We are all faced with changes and challenges on a … Read the rest

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Why Optimism Beats Pessimism

You are faced with a variety of life events and circumstances every day. Each event or situation can be viewed in a positive or negative way. Your perspective is your outlook on the world around you. According to psychologists, you are either an optimist viewing the world from the viewpoint of a glass “half-full” or a pessimist viewing the world as a glass “half-empty”. For the most part, you are not happy or sad 100% of the time but you will lean more to one or the other disposition predominantly. Which one are you?

“Optimism is a strategy for making

Read the rest
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How to Shift Out of Negative Thinking to Positive Thinking

Everyone has their own story of how their day went. What you see and how you think all depends on what you focus on. A positive thinker, the optimist, will share their story with excitement ensuring they don’t miss out on the details. They are hopeful and anticipate that good things will happen in the future. Whereas the negative thinker, the pessimist has a tendency to see the worst aspects of things and believe that the worst will happen. They lack hope and confidence in the future. They see positive results a just flukes. Do you know anyone with these Read the rest

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The Hidden Truth behind Not Good Enough and Good Enough

Have you, a friend, or colleague ever made a proclamation “I am not good enough”? This self-sabotaging belief is a common roadblock or obstacle hindering a person’s success.

If you catch yourself saying this, I am guessing that you heard this message growing up or you are a perfectionist. Often, perfectionists fail to execute or take action because they believe they do not measure up – everything needs to be perfect.

Perfection paralyzes taking action. Striving for perfection can be exhausting. This belief of not being good enough is just a thought. What matters is the meaning and the power … Read the rest

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What Positive Thinkers Do that Negative Thinkers Do Not

“you can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.” Stephen King

People often refer to positive thinkers as the people who wear “rose-coloured glasses” or as people who see a glass as “half-full” versus half-empty. Positive thinkers do have a different approach to life than negative thinkers.

Yes, bad things happen in life.

Positive thinkers are not ignoring life circumstances. They do attempt to explore, learn and understand the life events.

Positive thinkers are:

Open to Change and Opportunity. They are open and willing to trying new things, developing new skills, and gaining new knowledge. They Read the rest

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