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Episode 69 – Supercharge Your Networking Experience

  “Becoming well-known (at least among your prospects & connections) is the most valuable element in the connection process.” 

Jeffrey Gitomer

For some people, the thought of networking makes them sweat. Not just a little perspiration on the brow, but clammy hands and nervous pacing of the hallway wondering if they can go into the room. It can be nerve-racking meeting new people and learning what to say. Reading about it is one thing – jumping in and introducing yourself to strangers takes courage. It can be … Read the rest

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Are You Sacrificing Your Potential to Help Others?

Networking can prove to be one of the most powerful was to fill your pipeline of clients. In one Gallup study, 50% of people feel networking is wasting time with people. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70 % of all jobs are found through networking. Networking offers opportunities and inside track information that you will not find in the newspaper or online. Why? Networking is about building relationships. Networking is not a waste of time if you come from the belief that you are here to build relationships and help people achieve their goals. You are not Read the rest

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Secrets of Powerful Networking

Today’s topic is about the secrets of networking. I am going to share 3 with you.

1. Be intentional about who you are networking with but I want you to be careful not to network  just because of someone’s title. It can be very deceiving about what their roles and responsibilities are. The other thing I want you to be careful about with a title as you never know where someone is going. Start treating everybody as a person of influence. I worked with someone who was a Director and then an Executive Director within two weeks time frame of … Read the rest

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5 Secrets to Building Your List in the Next 30 Days

Courtesy of photostock/freedigitalphotos.net

Courtesy of photostock/freedigitalphotos.net

Building a online community of followers was quite foreign to me when I first started my business. As I did some research, I became very excited.


Not only does having a website – give you a global presence, you can now build relationships all over the world. Talk about leverage and opportunities to make an impact world wide.

At the same time I became overwhelmed and did not know where to start. Perhaps you can relate to this.

Thankfully, I did not pull out any hair but began to focus on learning about one area … Read the rest

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3 Easy Ways to Step It UP and Build Your Platform

Social networkYou put up your shingle and started your business. You built the dream. Why isn’t anyone coming or hiring you? Why? You need to build your platform and spread the word about your business.

Maybe you have been in your business for awhile but hit a plateau and not sure what to do next or perhaps you would like to uplevel your game. Remember – you will continue to get the same results unless you change the game your playing. 

Life is very much like a game. One of strategy and vision. Determine your vision and what you want it … Read the rest

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How to Take Your Networking to the Next Level

You may have heard hundreds of elevator pitches and you may have a shoebox full of business cards but what good are they when you do not want or need their business. If you want to take your networking to the next level you need to start thinking differently.

Here are 3 tips to help you take your networking to the next level:

  1. Be Intentional – Develop a plan before you attend your networking event. Plan to meet at least 2-3 people you would like to connect and follow up with. Reacquaint yourself with a couple of people you
Read the rest
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Are You Intentionally Networking?

When you go to a networking event or social event, are you going there with intention to meet someone, build a relationship, and potentially introduce them into your business? When you go to an event, don’t stand there like a dear caught in headlights. Go and introduce yourself. I know it can be intimidating when you are not use to doing so. The more you step out of your skin into who you are meant to be, it will be amazing the connections and referrals that you will actually have.

Tips for Intentional Networking:

Act as if everyone in the … Read the rest

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