Secrets of Powerful Networking

Today’s topic is about the secrets of networking. I am going to share 3 with you.

1. Be intentional about who you are networking with but I want you to be careful not to network  just because of someone’s title. It can be very deceiving about what their roles and responsibilities are. The other thing I want you to be careful about with a title as you never know where someone is going. Start treating everybody as a person of influence. I worked with someone who was a Director and then an Executive Director within two weeks time frame of me meeting them. Be careful so you do not miss out on opportunities of networking with very influential people.

2. Believe in yourself. When you go to a networking event, you want people to notice you. Be excited about what you do. Believe in yourself, your business, what you are offering, the products and services, and that you are an ambassador of  that. Be really clear and focus in on what you want to achieve when you go to networking events.

3. Take Interest in Others. When you are networking with people be careful not to “dump” everything on them – sharing everything about yourself. It is really important to start learning – when you meet people discover what interest them  and what their needs might be. Think about how you can help them reach their goals. In turn if you help them achieve their goals I am sure they will want to champion yours!

Share some of your networking secrets with us!

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