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EPISODE 113 – Just Ask for What You Want

“Always ask yourself: “What will happen if I say nothing?”
― Kamand Kojouri

There are many times I have wanted to ask for something and I had held myself back. Why you ask? The reasons ranged from thinking that someone was too busy or that they would not be interested, they might laugh at me, think I was asking for too much, or thinking I had to have been long term friendship or relationship to make an ask. I learned that if I was curious and simply Read the rest

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Episode 89 – Coaching for Performance

“Coaching is like a magic mirror, reflecting what you are thinking, feeling and saying about everything in life. By working together, you’ll understand your own mirror and change it to become limitless.”
― Sultan Alsasi

No one becomes a high performer without confidence or support from someone who believed in them more than they believed in themselves. Who is someone you have admired or been inspired by? How have they helped you become a better performer? Coaching is one of the best strategies for achieving objectives or Read the rest

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EPISODE 30: A Change of Plans

EPISODE 30: A Change of Plans

Life doesn’t always go as perfectly as we planned. There are times when our best intentions are met with disaster or misunderstandings. When life changes your plan, what do you do? As many of you know I have been writing my third book called Let’s Be Curious: How to Ask the Right Questions, Get Better Answers, and Make the Best Decisions™ which was due to come out November 2016. There has been a change of plans – the book will now be … Read the rest

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EPISODE 25: Influence Starts in Your Own Mind

Episode 25- Influence Starts in Your Own Mind

thepowerofiamMany people look for influence outside of themselves first when all along that influence starts with one’s self. You have to believe in the possibilities and the ability to make things happen before you can share ideas and opportunities with others so they see the vision that you do. Far too many people, feel that they have no control over their situation to they fail to take action. Pastor Joel Osteen has a book called, The Power of I AmRead the rest

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Boost Your Emotional Intelligence by Asking Better Questions

My post “How to Use Your Emotional Triggers to Your Advantage” received a lot of feedback. I was asked whether or not I would be expanding it to a series and if I could dig deeper and leave you, the reader, contemplating some of the questions I ask.


Recognizing your emotional triggers is very important for the fact that our emotions and emotional awareness influence problem solving and decision-making. When you are triggered by your emotions, positive or negative, you should take a step back and ask yourself questions. By asking yourself questions, your brain can’t help but … Read the rest

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Personal Mastery is the Key to Professional Mastery

Grab your free gift at www.debrakasowski.com by Signing Up for the Success Secrets Newsletter. Debra Kasowski International – Personal Mastery is the Key to Professional Mastery. Personal and Professional Success does not occur in silo. Become a better version of yourself today.

Read the rest
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Are Your Habits Driving You Insane?

Many people find it difficult to talk about emotions in business and in the workplace. Who ever thought emotions would contribute to one’s person’s decision-making, independence, and problem solving ability? Emotions and communication are the “soft skills” or people skills that help businesses grow and leaders climb the ladder of success.

The issue is – not everyone is equally self-aware.

You may have heard the phrase quoted by Albert Einstein, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over but expecting different results.”

ID-10063208This statement makes me think of the movie, “Groundhog Day” (1993) starring Bill Murray and Andie … Read the rest

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10 Things You Need to Stop Doing in Order to Start Seeing Results

businessman showing Stop doing what doesn't work words underneath his shirt over blue sky

When people think about productivity and performance, they often think about how many items they accomplished and crossed off on their to-do lists. However, if your total focus is on what you should or could be doing, the list could be endless. It is easy to get caught up on the to do list but we fail to notice that if we spent more time stopping what we should not be doing we could increase our productivity, performance, and start seeing the results that we really want.

Start creating a Stop Doing List:

  1. Stop being distracted by your
Read the rest
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How Leaders Lead in Times of Uncertainty

Copyright Syda Productions

Copyright Syda Productions

Uncertainty comes with change and with change comes a bundle of mixed emotions. The entrepreneur waking up at night wondering how they will pay their bills. The leader who is pacing the floor while sweat drips from their brow as they anxiously await the board meeting to make a big announcement. Big announcements, forecasts, and crystal balls do not guarantee specific results. Today more than ever, leaders are faced with the task of leading others when  they are not even sure of the outcomes. They must display confidence and trust in themselves.

“Let go of certainty. The

Read the rest
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Quick Shifts to Self Empowerment

Debra Kasowski interviews Sheila Unqiue about 3 Quick Shifts to Self Empowerment.

When it comes to self-empowerment:

  1. Acknowledge yourself as your own leading authority when it comes to your life and yourself.
  2. Awareness. Becoming aware of what’s going on in yoru world because there will be people who will show up with messages as to where you need to go for information.
  3. Asking. When you are in a place where you do not know something or you are looking for information. The very first type of self-empowering question you could ask is, “What?” What is this for me? Where can
Read the rest
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