EPISODE 30: A Change of Plans

EPISODE 30: A Change of Plans

Life doesn’t always go as perfectly as we planned. There are times when our best intentions are met with disaster or misunderstandings. When life changes your plan, what do you do? As many of you know I have been writing my third book called Let’s Be Curious: How to Ask the Right Questions, Get Better Answers, and Make the Best Decisions™ which was due to come out November 2016. There has been a change of plans – the book will now be released September 2017. What happened? A change of plans…

What Happened?

Six months ago, I committed to writing this book. During this time frame, I have worked on the book that I put aside all workshops and limited networking activities. The book was in pre-launch and I was so proud that I had 13 people pre-buy the book. In discussions with my business coach – Colin Sprake, it was suggested that I postpone the launch of my new book to September 2017.

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My first reaction was “You want me to do what?” My business coach suggested that I spend the next 12 months building my following through networking, host my workshops, speaking and developing my podcast. Questions flooded my mind, “What about the 13 people who already purchased the book? What will they say or think? What does this say about who I am?”  He recommended that I call each one and tell them that I have had a discussion with my business coach and that I would either offer them a refund or they could be one of the first to receive the book next year along with an added bonus for their patience. I have to tell you – I felt resistance.

I questioned where this resistance was coming from and I knew I need to gain a deep awareness. It has been my experience that asking questions is the best way to do this. What and why was I resisting? I’m one of those people that I feel that I can adapt and be quite flexible when faced with change. It wasn’t so much the change in plans of making the book come out a year later. It was calling those individuals and letting them know that there was a change. Normally, I would not think to share a change of plans as to be such a big deal. What I do know is I like to stick to promises that I make and I deliver on my word. I knew this resistance was because I was concerned about aligning with my values – one of integrity.

Words of Wisdom

My business coach reminded me that I wasn’t acting out of integrity. I was doing the right thing at the right time not only for me but also for the people receiving the book. You see during the six months I had been saying “no” to more things instead of “yes” to things that were important to me. I was still involved in my kids’ activities that there were times when I wanted to do things and said “no” as I needed to focus on writing. So for one thing – this change plan actually allows me to build a richer book with more thought-provoking content where I can share some of those growing edges. I reminded myself that my publisher had once said to me, “Debra a book is ready on its own time. You can’t force it.” I’ve carried that saying with me to remind me that the time will be right. Even though I was nervous about calling each of the 13 people, especially since one person had just bought the book the night before, I knew it was the right thing. Whether I contacted them by e-mail or by phone, every single person wanted to stay on the list and they wanted to be one of the first to receive the book September 2017. They were so gracious and very excited to be a part of this journey. They were understanding and kind. What I realized is that I was being very hard on myself and I shared my concern regarding it integrity with one of my followers and she said, “We know your reputation for delivering on your word. There are no concerns. We just want the great content.” This was most comforting to me. I am grateful.

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We all come to places of transition. I know plans change all the time and I also know that I have a tendency to love to be in control of all of that and sometimes it’s not the best thing. It made sense to adjust the course and in the big picture of things, this is one small adjustment that could be the biggest difference in my business but also for the people were waiting to read this book. I am very excited about this book because the more I share the concept with people and my enthusiasm; the more they are excited about receiving a copy.

There are two quotes that caught my attention that I needed to share with you:

“Don’t let your plans or goals become more important than yourself, or the ones you care about!” Jose N Harris.

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” ~ Confucius

The one thing I noticed the most, the day after calling every single person reaching out to them in some way that I had contact information for, it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was calmer and more connected with those around me as I wasn’t continuously thinking, “When I might can a squeeze in the time to write today?” When plans change all we’re doing is adjusting the course, I am the one who is adjusting the course and doing what works best for me instead of allowing outside circumstances to do it for me.

TMW_PDFclickhere.fwI want to share this with you in this podcast because everyone faces a change of plans or is in the place of transition that they didn’t think that they be in. Each one of us faces uncertainty and inner resistance. It is important to ask ourselves questions to understand where this fear is coming from and why are you we resisting? What we resist persists! If you continue to align with your values when you make a decision, you will always be at peace. Sometimes we’re so close to a situation, it takes a business coach friend or mentor to shift our perspective to see clearly again. I am so excited for the upcoming months in finishing off this book to deliver some my best work and reward those were patiently waiting. In the meantime, be curious about the world. Ask tons of questions! It is okay to have a change of plans especially it gets you closer to where you want to be.

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