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I Can See Clearly Now

I am in the midst of obtaining my certification in Emotional Intelligence and we were discussing the downsides of possessing too much of a strong characteristic. It got me thinking about a blog post I recently wrote called Time to Shift from Challenges to Opportunity. I am not second guessing what I wrote, however, I can see how people may see me as somewhat of a Pollyanna or someone wearing rose coloured glasses or even a blue sky thinker.

I do believe that you can create some of your circumstances with the power of your mind and how you … Read the rest

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3 Dream Stealing Excuses Keeping You from Living Your Best Life

Everyone has a choice to create the happiness and the life of their dreams. Yet, few will take the initiative to actually make things happen. They come up with all the reasons they can not have what they want.

There are many excuses everything from: the dog to the kids, to my spouse or partner, to heap load of debt or no money, to I have a headache or I need to wash my hair. Think about your excuses.

How committed are you to your dream of creating a lifestyle of your dreams?

How committed are you to growing a Read the rest

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6 Powerful Reasons to Take Decisive Action NOW

We can all come up with an excuse as to “why” today might not be the right time or place to take action.

I am tired of hearing excuses from people with so much potential to make positive change in the world. Many sit on the sidelines just waiting for life to say “Hello, it’s your turn.” These people have worked hard long hours yet continually postpone their success. Why?

Time stops for no one.

Why wait?

“The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act and not react.” – George Bernard Shaw

You may even challenge my reasons Read the rest

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