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7 Reasons Why People Are Resistant to Goal Setting

Have you ever had a new idea or want to implement something and you face resistance? Do you ever feel that you’re defending yourself or your ideas? Do you sometimes feel that you’re lowering your standards because you can’t get others to buy in? Facing resistance can be very challenging when you’re goal setting. Resistance can also work in your favour if you know how to leverage it. When you are faced with resistance, I want you to challenge your assumptions and ask more questions to identify, “Where this resistance is coming from?” Is this resistance coming from yourself and Read the rest

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5 Steps to Finding Your Sweet Spot and Turning Goals into Reality

Some people search their whole lives in search of their sweet spot. The sweet spot is the intersection between doing what you love and having the ability to make money at it. Many entrepreneurs and artists pursue this quest. Your sweet spot can also be defined as “being in the zone” while you are working on a goal. An example of this is the team that is working synergistically toward a common goal to reach their desired outcome. Everything seems to be falling into place and everyone is getting along.

Success doesn’t happen by accident! You do need to put … Read the rest

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Stop Goal Fretting and Get into Goal Setting


“Learn from the past, set vivid, detailed goals for the future, and live in the moment of time over which you have control: now.” – Denis Waitley


Do you go into a panic frenzy of goal fretting when asked to set goals.? Do you catch yourself starting to list all the reasons you should not set goals maybe you have hear of some of these excuses:

  • Why should I set goals? I will not reach them.
  • I set goals last year. Nothing happened. (Did you take any action? No. Well then…)ID-10096420
  • I just get frustrated, anxious, and
Read the rest
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