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Episode 93 – Silence Your Inner Critic

Each of us has an inner voice. Some people refer to it as the inner voice of knowing- but does it really know, especially when the negative thoughts rear their ugly heads. Isn’t bad enough you wonder what other people are saying about you or the efforts you put out? You don’t need any extra judgment as you already are your own worst critic. There are times you say things to yourself that you would not voice out loud and direct at anyone else. Why? The inner … Read the rest

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Do You Want to Know What Is Really Blocking Your Success?

Do you have a dream or a goal that you have been working on but just don’t seem to be getting anywhere? Do you feel think you are spinning your wheels or maybe you have a hit a plateau? Do you ever sit back and wonder if success is in your future? One of the most vital components to is how you think…yes your mindset. The biggest obstacle blocking your success is YOU! Ouch! I know. We often think of roadblocks as being those obstacles outside of ourselves however, we have more control than we think. So much for blaming … Read the rest

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How to Gain Control Over Your Fears

I think each one of us has a fear of something that we work toward overcoming. Some people try to hide from their fears whereas others tiptoe around them. I am not a big fan of speed but I challenged myself to try the West Coast Slide. It is a sled on a track that has a joystick allowing you to accelerate or brake. The whole slide time is under 30 seconds. I had mentioned how I thought this ride was pretty amazing! The attendant said it was because I had control! How very true. Your fears dissipate when you … Read the rest

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What Can I Change to Get the Results I Want?

Are you asking yourself, “What can I change to get the results I want?” If not, you should be! Yes, I know not everyone embraces change well. Change can create the most amazing results if you are willing to take action. There are three areas you should be reviewing on a daily, weekly, and at least a monthly basis. What is working well in your business? DO MORE OF! What is not working well? Either stop doing it or revise your plan. Finally, what do I know I should stop doing? If you know it, DO IT! The questions seem … Read the rest

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