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Episode 93 – Silence Your Inner Critic

Each of us has an inner voice. Some people refer to it as the inner voice of knowing- but does it really know, especially when the negative thoughts rear their ugly heads. Isn’t bad enough you wonder what other people are saying about you or the efforts you put out? You don’t need any extra judgment as you already are your own worst critic. There are times you say things to yourself that you would not voice out loud and direct at anyone else. Why? The inner … Read the rest

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Listen to the Power of Your Spoken Word

This past month, I spent a great deal of time reflecting on my business growth and reviewing where I came from. I was listening to a Louise L. Hay’s audiobook, The Power of the Spoken Word. Hay talked about how powerful the words we use are and how they can affect the outcomes we get. She stated that the Universe or God loves us so much that we are granted what we ask for and speak of. Her example was how we look at ourselves and speak to ourselves in the morning when we get up. Think about what … Read the rest

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