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7 Exceptional Ways to Exceed Client Expectations

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Have you ever stopped and asked yourself, “What is quality customer service?” Many people will tell you about the experiences they have had when customer service is below par. Word of mouth marketing is the most powerful ways to share a product or service. Why not create raving fans? Raving fans are the people who champion your work and your products.

Some people believe you need to have a wheelbarrow load of money to wine and dine people to exceed expectations. While there may be a few of those individuals out there they are fewer than you may expect. Richard Read the rest

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Why You Should Banish the Word TRY from Your Vocabulary

The words we use to communicate carry so much power. There are some words that we just need to drop from our vocabulary for they carry nothing but a negative context.

I was speaking with a business owner whose focus was in real estate who needed someone to provide interior design and decor. I referred someone who is very professional and I respect. As you can appreciate, when you provide a referral you are providing someone that you know, like, and trust and who will do a good work. Right before their meeting, the business owner called me to let … Read the rest

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Filling Your Pipeline with Quality Referrals

Think about this: if you want to hire the best relocating company for your moving needs, you’d ask your colleagues, friends or associates to give you details of a moving company they recommend. It is the same with your business, to stay afloat, your business needs to be constantly getting new referrals.  Here are some of the things you can do to fill your pipeline with quality referrals:

Deliver on your promises

To gain quality referrals you need to be referable.   Give your customers high quality services that will cause them to give you unsolicited publicity.

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What Do You Mean You Can’t Teach Effort?

Today I was waiting at the deli and one employee was busy serving customers and the other was standing with her back toward the customers staring at the clock for a good 3-5 minutes. The other employee asked the girl if she was okay and if she was could she please help serve the awaiting customers. She proceeded to put on the plastic gloves and with a big sigh she said, “I guess so”. Wow, that took the cake! As she started to serve me, she had a long drawn out conversation with her fellow employee saying that if she Read the rest

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