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How Leaders Lead in Times of Uncertainty

Copyright Syda Productions

Copyright Syda Productions

Uncertainty comes with change and with change comes a bundle of mixed emotions. The entrepreneur waking up at night wondering how they will pay their bills. The leader who is pacing the floor while sweat drips from their brow as they anxiously await the board meeting to make a big announcement. Big announcements, forecasts, and crystal balls do not guarantee specific results. Today more than ever, leaders are faced with the task of leading others when  they are not even sure of the outcomes. They must display confidence and trust in themselves.

“Let go of certainty. The

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7 Ways Women Sabotage Their Success


Courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/freedigitalphotos.net

The whispers of women are getting louder as they start to speak their truth . Yet many women entrepreneurs are holding themselves back by sabotaging their journey to success. More and more women need to start speaking up and speaking their truth about what they want to achieve in their lives instead of hiding behind some of the excuses we tell ourselves as to why we cannot have the success we want.

In order to become what you say you want, you need to stop sabotaging your success and staking your claim for what … Read the rest

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