EPISODE 10: Leaders are Learners

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
Dr. Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!

While you are listening to this podcast, I hope that you are taking the ideas you learn and you are implementing them into what you’re doing so it can take you places to where you want to go. My ultimate gift is to have an e-mail from you letting me know how this podcast has helped you, how you’re taking ideas and implementing them, whether it is in your leadership style, your business, or your organization or just how you live your life.

One thing I really want to hone in on the leaders being learners. Learning is not a one-time event. It is not about going to a seminar or conference and buying every package that might be sold or you or just attending and then just making it a social visit. Building relationships are very important but what I also need you to do is I need you to take away some of the things that you learn and start implementing them into who you are and what you do. It will change your practices. It will change your perspective of how you do things.

TMW_PDFclickhere.fwThe reason why I want you to start being open to learning more and new information is because you become better today than you were yesterday. You will come up with better solutions. You will come up with new ideas to be implemented. Y might be saying to yourself, “I do not have a lot of time; I barely get to the gym, have supper, go to the kids soccer game.” I get it. I have three kids I am a busy lady too.

I know that learning is very important. Sometimes, I have the book stuck in my purse or by my bedside, even if it’s 10-15 minutes a day, I am reading. I take a book to the doctor’s office because there is downtime. Think about all the places you have downtime. There are other ways audios, the audio books, and podcasts like this one on Kindle or Kobos, going to conferences, workshops, reading the newspaper, or talking with others in the industry. There are lots of ways to learn and grow.

What I Have Learned About Leadership

One of the things I was learning more about leadership and in my own practices is that leaders are not afraid to show their gaps in their knowledge. They look for opportunities to learn how to handle situations better. They ask more questions they don’t assume that they know everything. I know I don’t, so I’m an insatiable learner. I am always trying to learn more information. As a leader, you could be willing to admit your mistakes and learn from them so that the people who follow you know that it’s okay to do the same. It’s about learning and growing. One of the biggest things that you can do that can make you more successful is to learn what motivates the people who work for you. How do you inspire them? How do you help them become a learner?

Shocking Stats

1997919 - studio shot beautiful young blond woman looking happily surprised

Shocking information that I came across while I researched statistics about this topic, just blew me away! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2013, 80% of people watch TV on any average given day, TV takes up half of our leisure time. Other leisure activities in this category included: exercising, socializing, playing a game, and reading. Television viewing increases as you age. Think about it – 50% of your leisure time spent on TV. The other 50% is broken down further into that exercising, socializing, and all those other pieces of a very small amount 20% of our waking hours are spent watching TV incredible. Then I decided to check out the book consumption per capita. In 2010, 21% of adults consumed 11 to 20 books in one year, 21% read maybe one book a month. In 2012, this number decreased to 14%. I found this really interesting article via Chief Executive Magazine that the top CEOs read 4 to 5 books per month. Grant Cardone was quoted as saying that, “the average CEO is said to read 50 books per year and makes 319 times the income of an average worker who read one book a year but finds the time to watch 700 YouTube videos a year. How essential is it to helping people apply ideas from what they learned?”

This quote really shifted the way I was thinking because when you hear those statements and think about it learning and growing and being at the top of your game. This means that you need to spend your time very wisely. You need to have time for your family, time for exercise and looking after you as well. Volunteering and giving back to others. There are many ways to learn and even YouTube videos can be a part of that especially if it is intentional learning. You need to make time for learning.

What Can You Do When You Decrease Your TV Viewing?

41718579 - video on demand vod service on tv television concept.One of the biggest things I am going to stress today is to decrease your TV time. Spend more time socializing and talking to people in your field.  Spend more time connecting with people, getting your exercise in, and really boosting that reading time. Look to the greats and read biographies; learn what they did when they were challenged with struggles. Learn from them, there’s so much to learn from other people. When you study the greats, you can get ideas of what they did what works well for them. As Daniel Coyle says that you can steal those ideas! You’re not copywriting or plagiarizing, you’re taking things that look really good that you admire and creating your own style of how you can present yourself.

Learning Can Improve Other Things

Leaders are learners can be timely topic. When you’re thinking about obesity rates and people on the couch and the sugar intake, all these different things are all interconnected. Take time to learn. Make a commitment to do at least 20 min. a day.

Try, forget try, I am asking you to do this because it is going to change your life. Maybe your topic will be spending more time learning about leadership, maybe it will be about managing your finances or maybe you will choose to study the expertise in your industry. Based on the averages, you are learning more than most people out there and you will be ahead of the game. One of the reasons is that you are putting more effort.

Our next podcast is called Effort Trumps Talent you will not want to miss it because you start to see how you can define yourself and help yourself step aside from the crowd. I decided to put together my top 20 books to read {DOWNLOADABLE}. If you haven’t read some of them or if you had, start reading them again. Think about some of the best books that you have read and whether or not you have implemented something from it. Can you read it again and pull out something that you want to do, something that you want to add? We talk about taking away a lot of things so we are decreasing the TV. I want you to add the excitement and the growth of learning, that anticipation, testing things out, and seeing how they work. If you’re in sales, try some new techniques. If you are into organization or want to be more organized, try some of the techniques.

Start implementing what you learn. You’re going to learn more so you can earn more. You can become the top person in your industry. You’ll be the person that they want to come and talk to at networking event because you know some trivia you know some great information. Learning can make you stand out from the crowd

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