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Episode 34: What About the Competition

Competition is one of those driving forces that can either serve you or stall you. In First of all with getting straight, there are 7 billion people on this planet you alone cannot serve all of them and nor do you want to because some people are just not the right fit for what you’re doing. You want to be really clear on what you were focused on and what you want to accomplish.

Competition can be a good thing. What happens when people start competing or … Read the rest

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EPISODE 31: The Knowing and Doing Gap

EPISODE 31: The Knowing and Doing Gap

Many of us know what to do but fall short on doing what we know we need to do. The difference between knowing and doing is that in knowing-what you believe to be true and is based on the knowledge and experience you have. Whereas, doing is about the actions you take based on the knowledge and experiences you have.

The gap between knowing and doing can be small as dime or as large as the universe. We filter the world … Read the rest

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9 Powerful Habits of the High Performer

I have always enjoyed studying people and performance. I love to learn about what makes them tick and what ticks them off? What is the trigger? How do they switch gears when things do not go as planned? What do they do differently that the average person?

I would like to consider myself a high performer but I also know that I can become more disciplined as sometimes those late nights do not lead to early morning starts. I love mornings but I can also get caught up in my work because I love it so much!

Think about the … Read the rest

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Is Work-Life Balance Possible for The Entrepreneurial Mom?

Courtesy of Ambro/freedigitalphotos.net

Courtesy of Ambro/freedigitalphotos.net

Work life balance. I have heard many people scoff at the term is as they believe there is no such thing.

They often tell me,  “Not in my life anyway.” I simply smile because I know that we all  make choices you the time we have. I have also learned that some of these choices that we make are not helping us get closer to the dreams we wish to achieve .

I believe that every  woman (moms included)  can achieve a sense of harmony doing the work that they do and in life they wish to Read the rest

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Are You Intentionally Networking?

When you go to a networking event or social event, are you going there with intention to meet someone, build a relationship, and potentially introduce them into your business? When you go to an event, don’t stand there like a dear caught in headlights. Go and introduce yourself. I know it can be intimidating when you are not use to doing so. The more you step out of your skin into who you are meant to be, it will be amazing the connections and referrals that you will actually have.

Tips for Intentional Networking:

Act as if everyone in the … Read the rest

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