Episode 72 – Sell the Experience

I have to admit when I first dived into the entrepreneurial world I did not know much about sales. I thought you make a product and you introduce a service – and you simply share it with the world. I had a few sales here and there. I had a lot to learn and I am continuously learning…it was much different than health care yet there were some similarities. The similarities have to do with how you feel when you feel that you have been taken care of and people really care about you.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” Zig Ziglar

In health, they do care about whether or not you know what you are doing. What stands out the most is if you truly come from a place of caring you are going to want to the best for someone. You will ensure you know what you are doing and that you care about them as a person. The same goes for sales.

It is easy to say, “Look, I just want that product or that service.” What you really want is what the product or service will do for you! It is your job to find out what they need and want and be able to share how they will feel when they get it. During the past several months, I have devoured recommended books in sales from Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Bible to Larry Pinci and Phil Glosserman’s Selling the Feeling Series. They have been absolutely powerful game-changers to the way I will approach the sales conversation. I love creating memorable experiences for others and discovering their true need. When I coach business owners and executives, I enjoy helping them step into who they see themselves to be.

Imagine that you had someone help you reach some of the goals you long for. A person who helped you take a look at your situation and get really clear about where you want to go and created a detailed plan in partnership. That would be pretty cool right? Now you would be ready to take action and start getting results. That is what a coach does PLUS hold you accountable for the results you want to achieve.

Too many people focus on this is what it does – great but your customer wants to know what it will do for them. What are the benefits they will reap from having your product or service?  Let’s use the example of having a cleaning company come in once every two weeks. They tell you they will clean your home for a minimum of 3 hours at a certain rate. If the price factor or the time factor is most valuable, it will be important to that person. Find out why hiring your company is important to them. Will it give them more time to spend with their family or allow them to work on a hobby they have been passionate about? If so, address that specific reason. What will it feel like to have more time? What will you do with the extra time? Let them absorb and feel the feeling. People make their purchasing decisions based on emotions.  Some of you may think that is being manipulative…NO WAY! You may want to examine where the trigger came from – perhaps it is from an experience or belief you have had. What you are really doing is – helping people get what they want; it allows them to connect with what they want or the vision they have for themselves.

One of the other lessons that I have learned was about letting your best customer be your champions as you champion them. I enjoy receiving written, audio, and video testimonials. They are so powerful and they are a great way for the people you work with to cross-promote their business while sharing your gratitude with others. When people are in a state of appreciation, it is a great time to ask if they know of anyone who would benefit from the services you provided them. Ask them to share their experience with others.

A powerful quote I want to leave you with is this:

“There are people who love you and love the work you do that have people they love that love them too, who need to love you.” Larry Pinci and Phil Glosserman

Focus on the relationships and continue to build connections. Create the experience of what people will achieve after working with you – be memorable and provide those powerful solutions that you deliver on. Focus on creating an experience and how you will be the solutions in providing the benefits they are looking for. You never know who will benefit from them. I want to encourage you never stop learning and taking the time to see what works for you. You never know when or where your next breakthrough will occur.

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