4 Surefire Ways to Get More Comments on Your Blog

There are so many reasons that I love blogging but getting comments from other people really jazzes me up!

Courtesy of imagerymajestic/freedigitalphotos.net

Courtesy of imagerymajestic/freedigitalphotos.net

Your blog is what makes your website alive.

It is the one page on your website that is not static. This is the platform where you can build a community, share information, and engage with your followers. I find that blogging is one of the most underutilized platforms.


Some people feel that they don’t want to be vulnerable and feel exposed.

I find that if you share your story in your style and  your way- you become relatable.

Blogging does not position you as being intimidating. it’s about developing your voice in a conversation just like you would be writing an e-mail or a letter to a friend.

There are several ways that you can start getting more comments for your compelling content:

  1.    Ask for comments –  Although this is the most obvious thing you can do, you do not want to make this request every post.

If you do not ask, how do you expect to receive?

2.  Share your blog posts with a close circle of friends.  Ask your friends to comment and give you feedback on the post and to share your post with others.  You may also do that for them in return.

3.  Take a stance – you may have a controversial opinion. I don’t know about you  but I do know when there’s controversy  –  many opinions seem to come out of the woodwork .

Why not let your voice be heard ?

4.   Become a guest blogger.  By becoming a guest blogger, you can share your content on another person’s platform and with their audience.  Be sure to include a bio at the end of your blog post with your website address  so that people will go to your website and check out your other blogs and comment.  There needs to be a call to action to build the relationship and serve in the process.

Blogging is a very powerful tool that I highly recommend to everyone. You need to develop your voice in the marketplace and blogging is an awesome way to do it.

Not only are you seen as a credible expert and leader in your field but you can be making an impact  globally every day.

I would love to hear what blogging has done for you -comment below.

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7 Responses to 4 Surefire Ways to Get More Comments on Your Blog

  1. Thank you Debra! As I “new” blogger this year, it is much appreciated to have blog leaders out there supporting us “freshmen” 🙂 I have noticed that after asking for shared comments my website has been getting more traffic. I also received some confidence after reading your post in that I am doing many of the positive blog actions…. Thanks for your help, Anthony

    • debra says:

      I am glad you found it helpful. There are so many platforms out there to let your message be known but I find blogging one of the most powerful tools you can be using in your business and spreading your message. Keep blogging Anthony!

  2. Hi Debra, great post and tips on blogging, commenting, and staying social, I like your blog and found you via the blogging for coaches group on LinkedIn 🙂

    ~Coach Mark Edward Brown

  3. One of the things I found challenging was putting it out there and not getting any response back. Comments help me feel that I’m not in a vacuum. The Blogging for Coaches group has also helped.

    I like your suggestions.

    • debra says:

      Thank you Cathy for your comments. Keep putting your messages out there – people are reading but not always commenting. Everything reaches a tipping point.

  4. It jazzes me up too! It is also great to build a community like we have in the blogging for coaches group on Linkedin. I am also a Member of Triberr, and regularly share with other bloggers. You learn so much, meet some wonderful people,have more fun, and reach that many more people with our messages.

    Great to have you in the group Debra!

    Peace and Love,

    Ang 🙂

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