Marketing Isn’t Everything…It’s Everything!

Marketing is the key for positioning your business in the marketplace.

Courtesy of ImageryMajestic/

Courtesy of ImageryMajestic/

Many small business owners are leaving money on the table for not effectively positioning themselves and getting the word out about their businesses.

Here are three places you should be marketing your message consistently:

  • Your Business Card – Use both sides! One side for your name, what you do, and contact information. You may even want to put a picture in there. The back side should ask the most common pressing questions you clients ask? What solution you provide? Or an offer to redirect them to your website and capture their name and email address so you can start providing value.


  • Email Signature Your name – of course but do you have a call to action? Do you offer a free report, ebook, or audio download on your website? Perhaps they can find some free resources on your website.


  • Voicemail – Do you have the traditional? “You have reached…” Change it up…let people know what you do and how might you be the solution to what they are searching for. Promote an upcoming event. Always have a call to action! Invite them to contact you and set up a complimentary strategy session or go to your website to find out more about your products and services.


When is the right time to market your business in a down economy? The right time is always NOW! You must share with others what you do and how you can help them reach some of their goals.

You do not wait for a market to pick up because those who have been marketing all along are way ahead of the pack. They have been consistent in the efforts and the word has gotten out! Let people be talking about the value your bring to the market!

Share what your greatest marketing message method!

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