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5 Smart Strategies to Build Relationships and Win Clients for Life

Success in life and business comes from the relationships that you build. I often hear people saying that they don’t have enough time to connect further too busy. Building relationships take some forethought and some planning. Before you know it time will have passed and you being be wondering where your clients and friends are.
As you develop relationships you will learn that life and business are not separate entities. Business relationships are like friendships. They need your time and attention to learn about other people and what interests them. People need to learn and trust the people they do … Read the rest

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Do You Know Where Your Next Client Is Coming From?

Are you too busy doing activities that do not serve you? Are you hiding behind the computer because the thought of networking makes you queasy? Do you think networking is a waste of time? Maybe, you thought if you built your business, product or service, the people would come. Sorry to disappoint you but people do not just come.

Your friends and family may have been your first customers. You may even feel that the well has dried up and you do not know where your next client is going to come from. The problem here is that you do Read the rest

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Strategies to Connect Your Fortune with Your Follow Up

Follow up is a crucial piece in the sales cycle that not everyone is comfortable with. When you come from a place of service with your follow up, you stand out from the crowd and increase your credibility. You can follow-up in many ways – email, a handwritten note, a card with SendOutCards.com, face to face meetings, and many other creative avenues.

Post your favourite ways to follow up with our community.

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