Episode 96 – Consciously Connecting with Holland Haiis

Meet Our Guest:

Holland Haiis has been dubbed the Digital Detox Expert. She is often called upon by CNN International, CBS, NBC, FOX News, Sirius Radio and many others to discuss how to increase connection within ourselves while finding a technological balance.

Holland is a speaker, corporate team builder and the author of the well received book; Consciously Connecting: A Simple Process to Reconnect in a Disconnected World.

Holland’s mission is to help the world understand how our brain’s and our live’s are changing due to using too much technology and how we can find that perfect balance. By consciously connecting we find the power to our goals, boundaries, creativity and so much more! Holland works with individuals, families and corporations on their path to honoring relationships and understanding how to live and work more human.

In 2016 Hay House voted Holland one of 100 Global Thought Leaders and she spoke at their World Summit. She is also a contributing editor for HuffPost.

For more information on Holland and her services visit her website at www.hollandhaiis.com

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