Episode 94 – Creating Culture with Ken McCullough


Meet Our Guest:

Ken McCullough never really fit in anywhere and you might think that that would be a bad thing but actually it isn’t. Not finding his niche with other people allowed him to live, to think and to dream outside the box, to imagine that he could be whatever he wanted to be because his box has no walls.

So now he’s an entrepreneur pursuing ways to make the world a better place while making a living, it’s the freedom that started in his heart when he was a kid.

He’s also a front man for a band called Revolution Engine, a band whose focus is social justice and being a voice to the voiceless, again, it’s the freedom that started in his heart when he was a kid.

And best of all, he’s a husband and dad whose focus is love, grace, gratitude, selflessness and teaching his family that there is no box.

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