Episode 74: Style Your Way to Success with Karen Dorland


Meet Our Guest:

Karen Dorland is owner of Image Connections. Karen is an Image Consultant, a Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator and Reiki Master.

She helps people dress to honour their Spirit, and to attract more of what they want in life, so they can continue their journey with confidence, self-worth, passion, joy and most importantly… self-love.

Karen teaches her clients how to bring their personality and inner joie de vivre to the outside, to be expressed in their appearance.

Your clothing speaks volumes about you…without you saying a word… what messages are your clothes and accessories sending?

However, she says, if you are not bringing balance into your life, stress can show on the outside as lines on your face and low energy. Reiki can assist in connecting the inside and outside, so what you say, look and feel, are congruent.

Karen retired from teaching elementary school, teaching children from J.K. to children with Autism. She is excited to finally embrace being able to bring her healing gifts and wholistic approach of Image Consulting to people on a full-time basis

Look for her online programs, “Set Your GPS to Love,” coming in the fall of 2017 and “Set Your GPS to Fantabulous,…7 Style steps to looking Savvy, Sexy and Stylish, releasing in MARCH 2017.

Follow Karen on Facebook at Image Connections, for her weekly videos full of timely tips.

Sign up for her blog or newsletter at www.imageconnections.ca

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