Episode 73 – Something Is Better Around the Corner

It can be disheartening when you put in so much effort in only to not get the results that you were hoping for. Country singer, Garth Brooks has a song called Unanswered Prayers. This song reminds me that there are reasons why things do not sometimes turn out the way we want them to. He talks about how some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers. You can substitute the Universe or whatever you believe in. Sometimes we do not always understand them – we have to trust that there is something better around the corner. Just because something you were hoping for like the big deal or the promotion did not become a reality does not mean you will not get a big deal or get a promotion or get to the next level. It means that this door or this opportunity was not meant for you. You cannot force things to happen.

When disappointments or obstacles occur, you have a choice to react or to respond. Instead of staying in the space of negativity, reframe and shift your thinking. Think about a time when no matter what your efforts were, you did not get the results you wanted. Did you think of something? How long did you dwell on the thought? Are you still holding onto it…I hope not?  You need to realize by taking action you are demonstrating a quality that few people are willing to do – take action. It takes courage to take action towards your goal or dream. The actions you take are getting you set up for success.

It is easy to be devastated and stay in the space of negativity rather than STOPPING your thoughts and saying. “Hey there, I need to ask questions so I can learn from this so I can improve or take different actions.” You can spend your time wallowing or you can make a renewed commitment to taking a new action to get a different result. Do you need to take a course, interview someone, or experiment with the instructions?

Start taking action! Actions create momentum, which carry you forward to the next action. Even if you fail 2-3 times, it can take one breakthrough to propel you further than you would have got should you have stopped putting in the effort. People often give up when they are so close to achievement because they get caught up in self-doubt or worry about it never working out. They think about the embarrassment. What will other people think? Again, I want to stress you are further ahead than most people, as most people are not willing to take the risk need to get the results they need to.

There may also be times that you may not have taken action because of your need for approval or acceptance. Someone may have said something to you to discourage you based on their own beliefs and willingness to take risks. You didn’t do anything because you wanted everyone to like you. You need to have trust and faith in your capability and ability to make things become a reality. Give yourself credit for how far you have come so far. You are not the same person you were a year ago. There are more good things in your future they are not reserved for the affluent.

Don’t get side-tracked by the “comparison trap” and discounting the knowledge, skills, and abilities you have. Instead of being jealous, appreciate and recognize the person you are comparing yourself to. Jealousy is an unproductive emotion. What can you learn about this person’s success that you may be able to emulate in your own way? Take a moment or two to acknowledge and accept yourself for what you offer. Don’t fall into a negative spiral of emotion for everything in life is in a temporary state whether it is positive or negative. You always have a choice of what you will choose and if it doesn’t work out as planned…learn and grow from it and put it into perspective – something is better around the corner. Something better suited, at the right time, and at the right place is coming my way! Stay positive and focused with intention – you can achieve great things.

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Time: 10:57 min

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