Episode 53: Seeing the Opportunity in the Struggle

When you decided to become an entrepreneur, chances are you became one for one of the following reasons. You may have been climbing the corporate ladder and decided that it wasn’t taking you to where you wanted to go. You became bored or your work lacked meaning. You decided that you could make a bigger difference by doing something on your own or with the team that you helped put together. You may have decided to become an entrepreneur because you needed an outlet where you could be innovative and use those creative juices. Another reason for choosing this lifestyle may have been because you wanted to have control over your own actions or maybe even for work life balance. You chose this route for flexibility and to develop a deeper connection with people. You may have even chosen to be an entrepreneur because you just didn’t feel like you fit into the mold of the business or organization you are working for. You may have seen the pain point in the industry and you decided that you are going to provide a solution. All of these were game changing decisions to live life differently.

Do You Really Work?

To the outside world, being an entrepreneur might look like you have no rules or boundaries. You may be attending charity events and socials more than they see you work. What the outside world doesn’t know, is that you put in a lot of hard work and many long hours that are on not on display for them to see.

Are You Struggling in Silence?

There may be even times where you’ve been struggling in silence not wanting anyone to know about some of the lack of results for the lack of money coming in. This can be devastating as you may have family or yourself counting on you and you feel like you’re failing. The fear of failure may consume you to the point that you may become depressed. Where there is action, failure is seen as optional. Where true failure occurs, there is no action and hence no results. You may have a fear of uncertainty not knowing what the future will hold. I fear is more common than you think whether you are an entrepreneur are not everyone faces an uncertainty the moment they awaken.

What ACTION can you take? Know your numbers so you can make better decisions. Pay attention to what money is coming in and what money is going out. Look at your sales process, do you need to change up your approach?

“Just because you are struggling does not mean you are failing.” Neil Patel

You may be overwhelmed by the increasing competition. One of Neil Patel’s business philosophies is to not talk about your successes as you may be bringing on more competition. It is more powerful for others to share your successes. Be careful not to get caught up in the comparison trap. Wlonerangerhen you start comparing other people successes to your own you diminish your own worth. You need to be aware of the strength that you bring to the marketplace and how you and what you deliver is different and can stand above the crowd. Ensure that competition and comparisons don’t lead you into a Lone Ranger mentality. There is a difference between being alone and being lonely. Sometimes when were lonely we latch on to anyone -even if they’re not the ideal client. But when you are alone, you can be true to yourself and get really clear about your compelling vision. Your job is to delegate or outsource to others so that they can help you achieve that compelling vision. Build your team gradually. They don’t need to be full-time team members; you can hire people on a part-time basis or by contract. If you tried to do everything by yourself for a long period of time, your business will not be sustainable. You may even burn out.

As an entrepreneur, know that you are not alone. Know that the struggles you face others are also facing, they are just not talking about it. Join groups and associations were you can surround yourself with like-minded people who can help push you to the next level and who can see the potential of your greatness. Talk with others who been where you want to go or find a mentor to share their experiences. Use competition to your advantage by paying attention to the finer details of what you deliver and truly listen to your customers’ needs and wants and deliver value.

52337615 - people meeting friendship togetherness coffee shop conceptGo to networking events and build relationships beyond the hello. Connect with associations in your industry. Discover what their goals are and how you can help. As you help others achieve their goals, they in turn will want to help you. This is called the law of reciprocity. You will build a loyalty and trust like no other. Learn to be happy for those who are succeeding around you instead of being caught in the comparison trap. Believe in yourself and believe that your success is on its way as well. What you are admiring is one moment or period of time. Their dream is their dream. Your dream is yours. You need to stay focused on why you are doing what you’re doing and what you want to accomplish. The outcomes may not be the same. Don’t lose sight of yourself by wishing that you are living someone else’s life, you have so much to offer and we need it done your way.

Turn inwardly and look for the opportunity that exists in your struggle. What are you struggling with? What is the lesson that you are learning from the situation? What can you do differently? Whose knowledge skills and abilities can you tap into to share their experiences? Ask for recommendations or resources. In what ways, can you view this situation differently? Is it time to let go of one idea to really focus and develop another?

TMW_PDFclickhere.fwHow are you getting in your own way? You may be preventing yourself from achieving success with your own mindset. Are you willing to take a risk, at least a calculated one? Are you willing to go out and meet people and move beyond the hello? Are you willing to follow-up and ask for the sale?  Listen to what you are telling yourself. Are you being supportive and encouraging to yourself? Challenge your assumptions. Push yourself farther than the day before. You do not have to feel alone. You may want talk to a trusted friend or a mental health professional. Sometimes when you are too close to your problem you cannot see the solution. Asking for help is a strength. What would you tell someone in the same situation? Follow your own advice!

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