7 Reasons Entrepreneurs are More Resilient

?????????????????????????????????????????   I remember when I was first introduced to a networking meeting with entrepreneurs. The room was buzzing and people were laughing and sharing different ideas. I thought I was in a totally different world. People had such a different mindset than the employees I had been around. Entrepreneurs seems to have such control over their destiny or circumstance. I needed to be a part of it. The energy was contagious!

I have learned that being an entrepreneur is both an art and a science and that not everyone is cut out for the job. There have been several moments when I felt exhausted from trying to get ahead with my business that I just wanted to quit. How can you quit when you may be 3 feet from gold? Instead, I studied successful entrepreneurs. I learned that there are 7 main reasons that entrepreneurs are more resilient.

Entrepreneurs are resourceful and are willing to ask for help.

Many entrepreneurs’ passions have been mapped out on the back of a napkin. They have a vision and a dream. Even though they might not have the “know how” at the moment, they are willing to learn or figure it out. The motivation is the quest of making the impossible- possible. They learn quickly to tap into their network of people and ask for help.

Entrepreneurs see setbacks as temporary and a lesson worth learning.

Every mistake, failure, or setback is an opportunity to learn what not to do and how you may readjust. Instead of playing the victim, entrepreneurs have learned to silence the inner critic telling them they cannot go after their dreams or change the message that they hear to ones of empowerment and encouragement.

Entrepreneurs actively build their network and make connections.Fotolia_33434057_XS

The resilience of the entrepreneur is evident even in the most challenging economic times. The businesses that survive are the ones who have set themselves apart from their competition, share resources and freely offer referrals, and have an abundance mindset. Entrepreneurs help others achieve their dreams.

Entrepreneurs invest in themselves. Many entrepreneurs have eliminated the hypnotic television shows and opted for reading industry articles, books, and magazine. They play educational or motivational programs in their cars so they can focus on their end game. Entrepreneurs know that if they do not have the knowledge, skills, or abilities that they can outsource or jump in and learn it themselves. They strive to reach their personal best through teleseminars, webinars, conferences, or books. They readily invest in a coach or find a mentor to accelerate the business growth.

Entrepreneurs strive for progress over perfection.

Some entrepreneurs get caught up with procrastination and perfection. Deep down, they all know that in order to put food on the table for their families that progress is more important than making everything perfect. Entrepreneurs tend to be more decisive – as time is money. The more you wait, the less you will make.

Entrepreneurs are grateful.

The mindset of an entrepreneur is focused on gratitude because entrepreneurs know that their business cannot excel without the help of others people. The success you are experiencing today is because of the people who have helped you along the way.

Entrepreneurs are innovative and creative.

With the speed of technology and the changing market, it is important for entrepreneurs to be on top of the latest and greatest information, products, and services for their customers. They take risks and brainstorm new ideas. They discover better ways to get things done. An entrepreneur’s character can be defined as resilient. You may even spot one a mile away. They have an air of confidence that no matter what happens they are prepared and ready to make a decision, plan it out, and take action. Hats off to all the entrepreneurs!

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