3 Surefire Strategies You Should Consider When Giving Your Website a Facelift

Thinking about freshening things up on your website? There is nothing worse than going to someone’s website and learning that they have not done anything since 2009. When there is no activity on your website, it looks like you’re not in business. The Internet, especially Google, is one of the number one places that people learn more about products and services and your competition. Don’t get me wrong, there is an abundant world out there but if people have to choose, they will choose someone who is current and up-to-date. Quit being the best kept secret – you are serving no one. What a tragedy for the person who is awaiting your content and can’t move forward with their business until they get it!

When considering giving your website a face lift, you want to consider the following questions:

  •  What experience do you want your customers and prospects to have what they had to your site ?
  •  Do you have an irresistible offer for your visitors?
  •  What do you want to your customers or prospects to  know, do, or purchase what they come to your site ?

As you gain a clearer perspective of what you want your end result to be, you will be able to create a website that is congruent with your brand as the best represents you.  You will also save yourself time and money by targeting your website and the voice of your content to the audience you wish to serve. Take some time to do some research about what you like on other sites that you have visited . Incorporate the things that you like I make you unique in the marketplace .

 The three surefire strategies you should consider  are:

  1.  Video  and Pictures.  People are attracted to interaction as visual information.  They are looking to be educated and  entertained  as well as engaged.   Video is one way in which you can build credibility and trust with your viewers. People comment more on Facebook when there is a visual image versus just text.  You should have a welcome video on your homepage explaining why people should be spending some time on your site and give them a call to action which can be adopted e-zine at the free special report, tele-class, or webinar.   This is the information age after all and people want valuable content and if you deliver they will come in droves.
  2. Opt-In.  The opt in box is your call to action . This is the location of which they can share their name and e-mail and grab an incentive or irresistible offer to continue the relationship with you. Remember to sign up for the Success Secrets newsletter so you can claim your free gift located of the right hand of the page.This will give you an example of something that you too can create for your site. It is all about creating value and offering a solution.
  3.  Social  Media  Share Ability. Your visitors need a way to share your great content. Make it easy for people to share your content with others  by having links to Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, and even LinkedIn. Create a blogging platform where you can share posts of 250-400 words offering great tips or tools that others can use.

Not only will be strategies help drive traffic to your website but they will help you get known, remembered and seen as an authority in your area of expertise.  One bonus tip:  Keep your head shots current and update your photos at least every 2 to 5 years and more often if you change your look or no longer look like your picture. Be Real!

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