Why Asking Others Opinions Might Not Be a Good Idea

Why is it a problem to ask for another person’s opinion? Doesn’t outside feedback help you in your business? How can one opinion influence my behaviour? There may be many reasons to get feedback to change or adjust your course of action but another person’s opinion can be detrimental at times.

When asking the opinions of others is not a good idea:

  1. People Pleasing. If you are asking someone’s opinion just so you can please them you are heading for disaster. Sad to say, not everyone will have your interest at heart. You need to follow what you feel is right and be true to your values and what is important to you.
  2. You Cannot Make a Decision. If you allow others to make decisions for you, you may eventually regret it as you are giving away your power. You also make not like what the decisions result may be. Do not look at blaming the person you asked – you need to take responsibility for the final decision. Ensure you get what you want – you make the decision!
  3. You Have Not Thought Out Your Plan.  Shortcuts may work for some people but not all. You need to be clear on the outcome you desire. Take time to re-read your articles. Review your plans and think about obstacles or objections. How will you solve them?  It is human nature for people to judge how strong someone’s abilities are. Let people see your strengths. Be prepared and practice if you need to.

Remember someone’s opinion is someone’s opinion. It is their perspective of how they view the world and how things should be, not yours. If you want to succeed, you need to showcase who you are! You already know what you need to do so reach out and do it. Be brave and courageous – please yourself, make a decision, and make a plan to be YOU!


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