What Would the Power of 20 Minutes Do for Your Business or Your Life?

Time is one of those areas that many of us take for granted one day or another. Have you ever tried tracking your time?  I have. Have you ever had some tell you where you could fit in a healthy meal or some exercise? I have. Have you ever challenged yourself to see what you could get done in 20 minutes? I have. Imagine what you could do in twenty minutes.

What would your business be like if you did the following for twenty minutes here or twenty minutes there?

  • Write a blog or an article.
  • Read a book on a subject area you are trying to learn more about.
  • Follow up with 1-2 potential clients.
  • Write out thank you cards.
  • Plan your day for tomorrow or the next day.
  • Spend 20 minutes connecting with your staff or team.
  • Map out a calendar of tweets, blog posts, or Facebook posts.

What would your health be like if you spent twenty minutes focusing on your health?

  • Go for a walk or doing some super sets of weights at lunch time.
  • Plan your meals for the day.
  • Take time to listen to music or read a good book.
  • Sit in a relaxing bath.
  • Call a friend.

What would your relationships look like if you focused on the people you cared most about?

  • Read a bedtime story.
  • Play a game of soccer or allowed your child to take shots on you in goal.
  • Listen to the events of their day.
  • Watch their favorite show with them.
  • Spend time doing what your spouse or partner likes to do.
  • Play a board game.

Twenty minutes here and twenty minutes there adds up quickly and compounded over time can yield amazing results. Empowered engaged teams, better health, and stronger relationships are a few of the outcomes. Think about what you can do in 20 minutes. There is so much you can accomplish. Set a timer for yourself if you are worried. You may enjoy yourself so much and get immerse in what you are doing you may just continue.

Do you want to improve your bottom line in your business? Would you like to improve your health? Do you want to build closer relationships with your family and friends? Get an accountability buddy (aka partner) to hold you accountable for doing something in one area you wish to improve in your life. Watch for the shift that occurs not only in yourself but in others.

 Share this blog so you can help others live “rich from the inside out”. Let me know some of your 20 minute strategies!

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12 Responses to What Would the Power of 20 Minutes Do for Your Business or Your Life?

  1. Thanks for sharing, Debra.

    It’s so easy to let 20 minutes slip by and then realise you have done nothing!
    As you say, focussing for what is a pretty short period of time can really change your results.

  2. Jan says:

    It’s so easy to let time just slip by. Once you start thinking, “what can I do” in small time slots, it’s surprising the difference it makes.

  3. Allison Crow says:

    Simple Truths…thank you for sharing! I give 20 mins times a zillion to my biz and I’m shifting to give MINDFUL 20+ Mins to my spouse and my relationships!

  4. Hi Debra, great advise! I used to get caught up in the “I don’t have enough time” thinking, because I didn’t have an hour or two to do something. It’s amazing what you can get accomplished in 20 minutes.

    I try and spend 15 or 20 minutes learning something new everyday. I’ve probably learned more in the past year than in 4 years of college.


  5. Jan Meredith says:

    Darn! I still find myself using the “I don’t have time” excuse which I’ve known for years is not true! Thanks for reminding me once again that how I use my time is simply a matter of choosing.

  6. shawn says:

    I love all of the things you showed us that we could get done in 20 minutes. That is about my attention span too so looks like I can get a lot done.

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