Where’s the Oxygen Mask? 3 Big Mistakes You Could Be Making in Your Business Right Now

Travelling to different parts of the world is one of my favorite things to do. In order to spread my wings I must travel on wings. Yes – an airplane! Before every departure the cabin crew demonstrates or shows you the video of what to do in case of emergency. The message is consistent and a great reminder every time I watch it- put the oxygen mask on yourself FIRST!

Why? If you cannot look after yourself (and this goes for your business and your life) you cannot serve others to the best of your ability. I know you might be saying, “But Debra I am here to serve others and to give!” And you are! If you continuously drove your car without refueling, what would happen? That’s right – you would run out of gas! The same can happen to you. You want to build a business that is sustainable and that you can grow and tap into the potential that has yet to come out!

Here are 3 of the biggest mistakes I have seen or have done myself:

Filling your schedule too full. You need to create a balance and not say yes to everything that comes your way. Ask yourself a few questions:

Does this activity contribute to my ROI (return on investment)? 

Can this be done by phone? I know that in person meetings can mean better connection however some meetings are best done by phone so you can streamline your time. 

Is this a priority and important to you?

Set boundaries. You do not have to say “YES!” to everything. Don’t worry if you say no. More opportunities are just around the corner. Be clear on what you want your time to look like. Try tracking your time for the next 3 days. Where are you spending your time? What needs to be eliminated?

NO “Me” Time You may be busy looking after your family or your parents or even help manage extracurricular activities for your kids outside of your business. There is some much time in a day and your week. You need time to recharge in order to give your best. Take a night off, get a pedicure, go for dinner with your spouse. Break up the routine. You will be refreshed and bring more to your business.

Doing it all yourself. You are a hot commodity but without you everything STOPS! Learn to outsource and let go of some of the things on your plate that take up your revenue generating time. Hire a housekeeper or someone to run errands for you. Find a virtual assistant or hire a freelancer from www.guru.com or www.eLance.com

To give your best to your customers, your family and friends, you must be rested, relaxed, and present. Create the life you want by managing your time so you are more productive and profitable because you are better able to serve. Now, where’s my oxygen mask! Enjoy your flight!

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