What Makes You Different?

Today I had a fabulous conversation with someone at the Apple store and we were talking about those who stand out in a crowd. One – they have passion. They love what they do and they go after it. They might have part-time job, full-time job, or they might just quit whatever they’re doing all together to go after their passion. There are many ways to get to the same place. So wherever you are, there is no need to feeling stuck.  Some people build up before they take the leap. Two,They are willing to learn, oh yes, they are willing to do the work to get what they want. Some people say “Oh I can’t” – they seem to have an excuse for everything. There might be a television show or the excuse of having no money. With the internet these days, there is so much knowledge to be had there is  libraries, friends, other resources – mentors where you can get the information you need to do what you want to do.  A lot of people have gone before you. Stop making those excuses. Research part of your passion or some of the things you feel you need to do. that will help you take the big leap. Three -They are willing to do what it takes They do not see boundaries, they just see stepping stones,  or jumping jacks -high jump to the next level. Look at it as – no boundaries because if you are in your comfort zone, you have already set boundaries. You are comfortable – some may consider this lazy. Whatever this for you. Laziness or not. drop the excuses, move out of the boundaries, and Make that space bigger so you can show up in the world.  

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