Dabble, Dribble, and Discipline?

Mobile education in the car or iPod is the way to go especially if you are on the go. When I listen to my training and development audios, I am always triggered with new ideas and ways to grow my business. The best part is I get to share it with you. Knowledge is meant to be shared and if I can help you live a richer life from the inside out, I have met the challenge. 

You may have been in business for a while or you are wanting to improve your life in some shape or form. Some days are easier than others whereas others may be a struggle. Let me ask you this then – Are you dabbling, dribbling, or disciplined to get what you want done? You are probably saying to yourself, now what is she talking about? Dabbling is something you to once in a while when it is convenient, when you have spare time (and everyone has lots of this), or you are trying something new for maybe the first or second time. Dribbling, on the other hand, is when you are envious of another person’s goals and achievements. The person you are admiring appears to be an overnight success! In desperation, you may even say to yourself, “Why can’t things like this happen for me?” Lady luck or chance – not likely. Would you believe discipline and dedication? Discipline and dedication to a goal demonstrates effort and leads to achievement. Being discipline means that you have to sacrifice some immediate desires for your futures goals. This essentially means turning down good for GREAT!!! 

Do you know what it takes to become what you aspire to be, do, or have? Do you know someone who has reached the pinnacle of the mountain you are climbing? What advice would they give you if they were to do it all over again or where you should begin?

Whether you are dabbling or dribbling (which I do not recommend – you may discount where you have come and who you are – ONLY use as fuel for your desires if you are clear on what it is YOU want for YOU), I recommend that you go after your goals with determination, discipline, and dedication. Why? Because it is important to YOU and YOU matter! You are here to make a difference!

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