Are You Hearing Yourself?

Communication is very exciting especially when you get to do the talking. It can be even more exciting when you are a captive listener. A few weeks ago a group of friends were out for lunch and we were talking about different plans we had for our businesses and vacations. During a conversation, one of my friends kept saying, “If this happens, I will…” Do you hear the pause – the hesitation – the doubt? I asked him if he had just heard what he was saying. “Yes, if this happens, I will…” Listen a little closer – what do you hear? IF!!! How about WHEN?

Our conversations are so natural and routine sometimes I think many people do not hear themselves speak and the words they are use. Now, instead of “if”, can you hear the difference when I say, “When this happens, I will…”? There is hope, optimism, and a number of ideas that were ignited from changing a single word or phrase. There may be many other words or phrases that may trigger the sense of doubt and hopelessness.

Some of them are:

I can’t ———————>  I can

Maybe——————–> Definitely or Absolutely

Someday —————-> Near future or Very soon

I am just —————–> I am

They make me think of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. He waltz around in gloom looking at the downside of life when everyone around him is enjoying ample amounts of sticky honey or bouncing around on his tail.

What words or phrases come to your mind? Take some time to be a great listener and you will see how the words people use make a difference. Listen how you talk to yourself when you get ready for the day or you are driving your car. Do you see the power of your words? When you change your words, your energy changes and so do your emotions and feelings. Choose words that are more affirmative and optimistic. Instead of wishing and hoping things will turn out well – anticipate that they will turn out great!!!

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