Are You a FIERCE Woman?

Last night I attended MOM Magazine 2011 FIERCE Woman Awards were I was nominated in the Outstanding MEO category. Tamara Plant organized a first class event. The night will forever be imprinted in my mind. The energy of the women in the room was incredible. I will say this – eating potatoes with never be the same. Imagine if you will creamy whipped potatoes in a martini glass with chicken poppers and a bit of gravy, sour cream, green onion and a little sprinkle of cheddar cheese. Melt in your mouth – yummy!
I was surrounded by some of the most incredible women. You see, each of us has a story or testimony, so speak out about how you move through the world. Your story is meant to be shared so that others can learn from it. The FIERCE Women in the room all have such powerful stories. All surviving and thriving in the challenges of life. When things happen in your life, they happen either to teach you a lesson or to use you as a tool to teach others. Nothing is an accident. It is my belief that each woman can make a difference in the life of another woman by listening to her story, comforting her when she feels weak, and celebrating her when she is strong. There are so many moments that define the FIERCE Woman. They are:
* single mother going back to school to set an example for her child
* a mother working more than one job to put food on the table
* the daughter caring for her mother who is fighting a terminal illness
* the woman who stared down breast cancer and beat it!
* The mom who runs a business and is active in her child’s extracurricular activities
* the woman business owner who defies all odds and persists by BELIEVING in her dreams.
* A motherless daughter helping other motherless daughters reach for greater things with love and support
There are so many more….
You may say..I have fears…most of us do BUT it is the decision to keep going and make things happen in your life that makes you FIERCE.
You are not the same person as you were 5 or 10 years ago. You did what you knew to be right at the time. Do not punish yourself from living for today and the woman you have yet to become by living in your past. The world is meant to be enjoyed today…right now.

Your efforts matter. Who you are matters!
Ladies, the honour was mine. I have been truly blessed to be surrounded by:

*Jo-Ann Vacing – eWomen Network, incredible connector
*Lee Horbachewski – SimpleeSerene
*Farhana Dhalla – author of Thank you for Leaving Me
* Kelly Falardeau, author of Self Esteen Doesn’t Come in a Bottle
* Shelley Streit, Guiding Light Financial
*Aimee Hutton – Awakening the GodDess
*Barbielee Hemmings
*Aly Pain
*Sheena Johnson
* Christie Mawer
* Wendy Mueller
* Amanda Babichuk,
* Tamara Plant
and so many more beautiful women who graced the stage. I look forward to connecting with each of you in the future.
There are so many ways in which a woman is FIERCE. Believe in the power of your dreams with your whole heart.
Rise to the top for you are the cream of the crop!

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