EPISODE 139 – The Art of Allowing NOT Resisting

Have you ever look around your world only to be frustrated that things are not turning out how you wanted them to? Everything around you is a product of your choices. Poor choices result from negative thinking. People often take for granted how their thoughts and feelings impact their results. People tend to look at their current state instead of what is possible. Some people will look at the world with abundance and gratitude whereas others will look at the world from a place of scarcity and lack. You get more of what you are focused on so if you look at the world and you see abundance, there will always be more than enough. The more you are grateful for what you have the more you will have to be grateful for. The opposite is true. You can focus on the lack of and that you feel there is not enough and you will not be able to be satisfied as there will never be enough.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of allowing is “to permit or give consideration to” whereas, resistance is “an opposing of retarding force”. You can let things unfold once you have put in your efforts or you can force things to happen. When you force things to happen, it is like pushing a round peg into a square hole – the struggle becomes very real. You may become frustrated and give up when challenges come your way.

You get what you put into and expect in your life. If you are not expecting SUCCESS and events to go as you want, you will not get success and things will not go as planned. You are not ALLOWING opportunities and success to occur. You are putting up walls of resistance with your mind. Self-defeating thoughts are resistant thoughts. Negative thinking is problem focused, therefore, blocking any solutions from being available. When you are thinking positive you are open and receptive to new ideas and you are more likely to implement a new idea. To attract what you want in your life and business, you must be OPEN and RECEPTIVE. When people are in a place of lack and scarcity they are NOT OPEN, they resist allowing positive outcomes. They are focused on not having and not seeing the possibility for the future. This resistance can hold people back from what they really want.

A person who offers resistance is often close-minded and this prevents them from seizing new opportunities that come their way. A person who likes to be the devil’s advocate questioning and gaining different perspectives is doing so to seek information and not necessarily resisting. If you are a resistor, you tend to come up with excuses and reasons why you can’t do something. Your choices are based on fears and self-limiting beliefs. It is one thing to ask questions and learn more and another to come up with the rationale for why something is impossible. When you ask questions, you learn what is possible.

To receive, you need to start shifting your thoughts and feelings to positive ones in which you will feel when you receive it. Start anticipating your successes! When you prime your state of mind to be one of abundance and positivity, you will be more likely to take actions required to get the results you want. You will be open to exploring and seek abundance.

You have an opportunity to choose which thoughts you allow and which thoughts you reject. Those thoughts impact how you feel. The actions you take are impacted by your feelings and emotions. Your emotions are there to guide you. Align with how you wish to be and feel I the process.

Allowing is about being happy in the here and now! Allowing others to be who they are without you getting upset about it and letting it impact your happiness and desires. You cannot change other people you can only change your responses to them. Allow others to make their own choices as you are only responsible for your choices. You can educate and encourage but ultimately, they are in charge of themselves. Allow yourself to love others for who they are and not how you wish them to be. Meet them where they are at. You can plant the seed of what you see is possible for them. It has been my experience that people flourish when people see something in them that they cannot see.

Relieve yourself of the internal pressures and allow things to be as they need to be and trust the process and detach from outcomes. The more you relax and the less resistance you have the more you allow things to happen. When you push or force things to happen they do not happen.

To Allow –  knowing it is going to happen. Be OPEN and RECEPTIVE to the opportunities coming your way. Put in the work, plan for, and EXPECT success!

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