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  • 4 Key Traits to Developing an Olympic Winning Attitude
    [Self-Improvement:Techniques] You do not have to be an Olympian or even an athlete to possess an Olympic Winning Attitude. A winning attitude is a mindset of passion, dedication, confidence, and the love of competition. There are 4 key traits that set high achievers a part from those who just go through the motions of life. Olympians are driven to give their best in everything they do. What standards do you set yourself to?
  • 9 Secrets to Becoming a Peak Performer and Achieving For Your Personal Olympic Gold Medal
    [Self-Improvement:Success] Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a peak performer in your area? Have you ever wished you could have that proud moment on the podium with a gold medal around your neck? You can become a peak performer and achieve your own personal gold medal.
  • 7 Savvy Secrets to Networking Success
    [Business:Networking] If you thought you could avoid people and survive in the business world, think again. Success in business is all about people. Without people, there would be no reason for your business. Whether you are just starting out or wanting to give your business a boost, you may want to consider these savvy secrets to building relationships with your customers that go beyond a quick handshake and money in your pocket.
  • 5 Golden Rules For Making Resolutions That Work
    [Self-Improvement:Goal-Setting] Are you making or breaking your resolutions? The beginning of a new year can bring excitement as well as disappointment for many individuals who set themselves up with resolutions that are not realistic or clearly defined. Resolutions can create a false sense of goal setting unless you set yourself up to succeed.
  • Roadblocks Are to Be Conquered
    [Self-Improvement:Success] Roadblocks are the obstacles we believe hold us back from achieving our goals. Many people think it is these obstacles that keep us from reaching our goals at the speed and time frame we wish to achieve them in.
  • Pursuit of Passion
    [Self-Improvement:Success] Passion is the fuel that drives people to achieve their hopes and dreams. Have you ever noticed that some people are running on an empty tank?
  • Discover Your True Wealth
    [Self-Improvement:Abundance-Prosperity] Have you ever noticed when you start being grateful for the little things in your life you realize that more things enter your life to be grateful for? This is the attitude of gratitude.
  • The Power of Asking For What You Want
    [Self-Improvement:Success] Many people become paralyzed at the thought of asking for something that they want. They fear the answer may be no! If you do not ask for what you want, the answer will always be no!
  • The 7 Keys to Stepping Into Your Greatness
    [Self-Improvement:Mind-Development] There are times in our lives we get so comfortable that we forget to challenge and stretch our minds and therefore fail to live up to our fullest potential. We settle for being “good” versus being “great”. Sometimes it is the events in our lives that shape who we are and help us rediscover what we are meant to do.
  • Relationships – Your Most Important Resource
    [Business:Networking] People are an essential part of business success. The people you surround yourself with on a regular basis have a direct influence on the results you achieve.
  • 4 Secrets of Life Endurance in Business Success
    [Business:Entrepreneurialism] Our businesses and our personal lives are really not that different than a triathlon. A triathlon is an endurance sport. It is all about how you face the challenge of completing each portion of the race and how smoothly you transition into a new portion of the race. If you do not pace yourself, you may not be able to sustain your momentum.
  • 9 Habits of Highly Effective Customer Service
    [Business:Customer-Service] What one person defines as quality customer service may be totally different from another person’s definition of quality customer service. It may also vary from business to business. Think about what quality customer service means to you. There are some basic fundamental habits of customer service that will build loyalty and grow your business.
  • How to Develop Laser Focus
    [Self-Improvement:Mind-Development] Focusing on a big project or a looming deadline can be a very scary thought. Some of us quit before we even get started. Some people fill their time with other things that do not contribute to their goals. They call them time fillers, I call them time wasters. Do they help or hinder you from living the life you want to live?
  • 7 Simple Secrets to Being More Productive in a Busy World
    [Business:Productivity] People are rushing around chasing deadlines, attending meetings, and trying to grasp the next big contract. Desks are littered with papers waiting to be signed or placed into the waste basket. The phone is ringing and you see no end in sight. You say to yourself, “I just need more time.”
  • Networking Strategies – How to Maximize Your Business Networking Opportunities
    [Business:Networking] If you are new to the networking scene, you may feel like a deer caught in headlights as you walk in the room. You may even have sweaty palms or butterflies in your stomach. There are many things that you can do to make yourself feel more confident and attract more contacts.