Coaching with Debra Kasowski International

Leadership begins with you.

You are the leader of your life and in control of the decisions you make. Every choice has an outcome; no matter your position – frontline, small business owner, entrepreneur, or middle Management to CEO. Since you have stopped by to learn about what coaching can do for you, I know you are ready to make a change, start getting the results you want, or you are ready to play a BIGGER game

I understand the challenges that leaders and small business owners are facing in an ever-changing economy. You are asked to do more with less and face uncertainties every day. You are challenged with motivating employees, creating team unity, and addressing less than desired performance. You are faced with complex business decisions and deadlines. You are juggling family and work-life balance hoping to see a light at the end tunnel of long hours. You may need more clarity and focus on the direction you want to go

What you really need is a plan and a hand!!!

Quit trying to do everything yourself! 

Let me be a part of your success strategy – your sounding board, your thinking partner, and your master brainstormer! It can get lonely at the top or be in a place of transition where it seems like no one understands what you are going through. I am heard to support and guide you as a trusted advisor.

Tried and True…

I have developed a 5 Step System that I take my coaching clients through to get them to their destination and reap the rewards of their efforts. 

I have packaged them up for extra value and results

I look forward to helping you breakthrough to personal and professional success. Months from now, you will look back and say you wish you would have done it sooner – hiring a coach will be the best decision you ever made!

A complimentary consultation is not a FREE coaching session. It is an opportunity to get to know you, see what drives or motivates you, and explore a challenge or goal you may have. It saves us time, money, and energy by ensuring we are a right fit before we get started. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not ready to make a change, strapped for cash and not ready to make the commitment, or you feel you are a victim of circumstance – I ask you not to contact me to assist you. I ONLY work with high performers who are ready, committed, and willing to make a change. 


Accelerate Your Success

Starting August 24, 2016 


Are you ready to make a shift and create your best life and/or business? Do you want to accelerate your success along with others? Are you self-motivated but would like the accountability of belonging to a group? 

This package is for you if you: 

  • Want to experience coaching and you want to give it a test drive 
  • Enjoy learning in a group environment and love to bounce off ideas 
  • Are committed to your goals and need to start small 
  • Are ready to accelerate your success and get the results you desire! 

What’s included: 

  • 6-1 hour group coaching sessions (30 mins group; 30 mins educational) 
  • Email Support between Sessions 
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 


Fast Track Your Success

3-month commitment Start NOW! 


Step into peak performance! Do need help staying focused on your goals in life and/or business? Are you in a place of transition and need to make a plan? Are you looking for progress and accountability? Are you wondering how you can improve your performance and get better results? 

This Package is for you if you: 

  • Do not know where to get started. 
  • Mean business – you are ready and committed to making choices and changes in your life and/or business that yield outrageous results 
  • Value having a step by step plan with strategies to help navigate obstacles and challenges 
  • Want accountability and check-ins to ensure you are on the fast track to your success! 

What’s included: 

  • 6-30 minute hour (2 per month) coaching sessions via Skype or Phone (if local, mutual agreeable in person arrangement may be made) 
  • Access to my contacts and resources in my network. 
  • Email Support between Sessions 
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Power Up Your Success

6-month commitment


Optimal performance booster! Let’s assess where you are at, gain some clarity about where you want to be, get your laser focused on your plan, and take actions that achieve results. Sometimes – you need help getting unstuck, pushing through challenges, or putting a plan in place to try something new.

This Package is for you: 

What’s included:

  • 12- 45 minute sessions (2 per month) via Skype or email
  • Access to my contacts and resources in my network.
  • Priority Email Access
  • 2- 5 minute urgent - Breakthrough My Challenge phone calls
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Ultimate Lead to Succeed

12 month Commitment


Serious committed high achiever here! You are focused on producing results, living a fulfilled and balanced life, and making thoughtful decisions. You know what got you to where you are will not get you to the next level. You need to fine tune and improve your personal strategy.

We will identify the gaps, leverage your strengths, and challenge your assumptions/beliefs.

This Package is for you if: 

  • You are a high performer who dedicated to being the leader people want to follow.
  • You want to boost your emotional intelligence, improve your communication, and strengthen your relationships.
  • You are focused on playing a BIGGER game to get to the next level.

What’s included:

  • 24- 45-minute sessions (2 per month) via Skype or email
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment plus additional 1-hour coaching debrief
  • Access to my contacts and resources in my network.
  • Priority Email Access
  • 4 – 10 minute urgent – ( 1 per quarter) Breakthrough My Challenge phone calls
  • A complimentary copy of each of Debra Kasowski’s books: GPS Your Best Life and The Entrepreneurial Mom’s Guide to Growing a Business, Raising a Family, and Creating a Life Your Love.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Organizations and Specific Needs

Debra Kasowski International offers customized training, workshops, and coaching to meet your needs.

Additional Options:

  • Live Shadow Coaching
  • EQi-2.0 Workplace Assessment
  • EQi-2.0 Leadership Assessment
  • EQ-360 Assessment
  • Executive Leader Coaching
  • Appreciative Inquiry Approach to Positive Change
  • Keynote for your Conference
  • Coaching Intensive ( V.I.P. Days – available ½ day or full day)

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