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EPISODE 4 : Receiving Feedback

We receive feedback all around us every day. This is the world telling us about what’s going on – you receive feedback when you step on a scale or when you pick up the phone. Some feedback is direct and some feedback is in the direct.

Feedback can help us figure out if we are on the right track or the wrong track.

A quote that resonates with me when I think about feedback by Thomas A. Edison, “ I had not failed I have just found … Read the rest

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Feedback to Your Greatness

Feedback can be a touchy subject for many but if viewed as constructive versus criticism, feedback can be a huge opportunity. An opportunity for growth and learning but mostly for personal excellence. If someone had information that would make you better at what you do or could unlock what is holding you bad from your big breakthrough, wouldn’t you want to know? Some of you could be saying, “It really depends on the messenger.” I get what you are saying. When getting feedback, consider your source. Are they doing what what you are doing? Do they understand what the many … Read the rest

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