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3 Dream Stealing Excuses Keeping You from Living Your Best Life

Everyone has a choice to create the happiness and the life of their dreams. Yet, few will take the initiative to actually make things happen. They come up with all the reasons they can not have what they want.

There are many excuses everything from: the dog to the kids, to my spouse or partner, to heap load of debt or no money, to I have a headache or I need to wash my hair. Think about your excuses.

How committed are you to your dream of creating a lifestyle of your dreams?

How committed are you to growing a Read the rest

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Is Your Dream Too Small?

Someone said something to me today that took me by surprise. I had shared with a colleague that my goal of giving out 1000 shoeboxes for The Spirit of Christmas Shoebox Campaign filled with treasures would probably be met 1 year in advance and also be met by almost 150%. She looked at me and said, “You know, I thought your goal was too low.”

 Wow, when I started with 120 boxes 3 years ago 1000 seemed like a huge accomplishment and it still is. What amazes me most is when people see the bigger vision – the vision of … Read the rest

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