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Are you in midst of transition, facing a challenge, or overwhelmed and need help getting clarity, making a plan, or navigating some of life’s or business roadblock?

Executive Coaching can be the solution!

Executive Coaching is NOT JUST A TREND...it is a mainstream leadership development tool.


  • works in partnership with individuals and/or their organization for maximum success in achieving individual and organizational objectives. 
  • holds leaders capable and accountable for achieving short term and long term goals.


  • a strategic thinking partnership that involves facilitating powerful and thought provoking questions in which clients are held capable and accountable for defining clarity and vision, positive solutions, and actions toward achieving goals and results in a safe contracted confidential agenda free experience.


  •  develop a greater self-awareness, new perspectives, and overcome self-limited thinking and behaviours holding them back from reaching their goals.
  • accelerate their progress by developing clarity and focus on achieving their goals and GETTING THE RESULTS that they want
  • opportunity to work through challenges and difficult conversations with ease
  • build stronger relationships
  • improve communication skills
  • develop emotional intelligence “People Skills”
  • brainstorming partner or sounding board for ideas
  • create an actionable plan for learning and growth

Focus of Practice Statement

Debra Kasowski International is committed to cultivating the potential of leaders around the globe at all levels of an organization or business through creativity, innovation, and collaboration to achieve extraordinary results. 0598

One of my primary roles as a coach is to be a “people builder”.

I ask powerful questions that challenge your assumptions and self-limiting beliefs. I will hold you accountable for your actions and help you get out of your own way of success. I can act as a sounding board for new ideas and I love to brainstorm and problem solve in partnership with my clients. I am dedicated to creating an agenda free safe environment which is confidential and allows you to share their deepest fears and successes. The time is now – to step out of your comfort zone and into your potential.

The world is changing at warp speed.

Today more than any other time in history our business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs are looking for more creative and innovative ways to increase their productivity and performance as well at their profits.

I believe it all starts with tapping into the greatest resource you have – YOU!

What you need to succeed is already inside of you!

Everything starts with PEOPLE and PASSION.

Why not discover the possibilities?

As we transition, you will see more updates – we appreciate your patience.

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Dedicated to Your Success,

Debra Kasowski

Life and business can offer many challenges. I have had some of my own challenges and I know what it takes to shift from overcoming obstacles to seizing opportunities. Let me help you get there!

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Here’s what one organization had to say:

“On behalf of our Women in Business committee and all the attendees thank you for your fabulous presentation – Awaken the Confidence Within. It was interactive, enlightening, inspiring and exactly what we were looking for.

The buzz in the room was electric and that has carried into the day after as I am getting calls and e-mails thanking the City for hosting the evening. We are so fortunate to have, right in our backyard, speakers like you.

I know our committee will be looking at ways to utilize you and your talents at future events.”
~Terry Stacey, Economic Development Director, City of Fort Saskatchewan