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I am on a mission to help women (yes, and a few good men) to live to the highest potential, achieve their goals, and live the life of their dreams. The time is now…the world is waiting for you to take the first step and live your life on your terms.

Let’s see if any of these questions resonate with you or your audience:

    • Do you feel that you have come to a crossroads where you are spinning your wheels and unable to move forward in your business and life?
    • Are you having trouble building your business platform so you can be seen as the expert you currently are?
    • Are you on the verge of burnout doing many things but not being as productive as you would like?
    • Do you feel exhausted because you feel like you are working hard trying to make ends meet?
    • Are you having trouble attracting the clients and cash flow that you want?
    • Isn’t it time for you to attract the right clients making the money you want and create the life you love?
    • Maybe you have taken action in the past only to halt your efforts because of that little voice inside your head replaying sabotaging comments or negative self-talk. Would you like to silence the voice so you do what you want and love?
    • Isn’t it time that you were excited about your life again?

Life and business can offer many challenges. I have had some of my own challenges and I know what it takes to shift from overcoming obstacles to seizing opportunities. Let me help you get there!

Book Debra for your next speaking engagement or hire her as your coach. 

Here’s what one organization had to say:

“On behalf of our Women in Business committee and all the attendees thank you for your fabulous presentation – Awaken the Confidence Within. It was interactive, enlightening, inspiring and exactly what we were looking for.

The buzz in the room was electric and that has carried into the day after as I am getting calls and e-mails thanking the City for hosting the evening. We are so fortunate to have, right in our backyard, speakers like you.

I know our committee will be looking at ways to utilize you and your talents at future events.”
~Terry Stacey, Economic Development Director, City of Fort Saskatchewan


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Past Clients
  • Alberta Parks & Recreation
  • Archbishop O'Leary High School Career Day, Edmonton Catholic Schools
  • Breton Women's Conference
  • Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Edmonton
  • Canadian Red Cross - Water Safety Conference
  • Center of Spiritual Living Business Booster Breakfast Series
  • City of Fort Saskatchewan
  • City of Edmonton
  • EWomen Network - Calgary
  • eWomen Network - Red Deer
  • International Association of Administrative Professionals
  • Junior Chamber Inetrnational (JCI)
  • Tofield Women's Conference
  • Ukrainian Orthodox Women's League, Olha Branch
  • Vegreville Women's Conference
  • Womens Wealth Revolution
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Debra Kasowski is a woman of passion and drive, and a pleasure to work with. Together, Debra and I hosted and presented at Align Your Passion, Purpose & Power for 2010, working alongside NY Times Best Selling Author Janet Attwood. Sharing similar passions, we are co-authoring GPS Your Best Life(TM) - Taking You From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be. We have also authored 101 Ways to Stay Moodivated (audio and ebook), and are facilitating a number of GPS Vision Board Workshops. Debra is on a mission to help women be rich from the inside out and to inspire success! She has the energy and the creativity to help women achieve their goals. Three words to describe Debra? Creative, inspiring and fun!
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