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Tamara Bellamy – Second Cup Fort Saskatchewan

When I first heard about the group the Millionaire Woman, I was a little skeptical; my first thought was that the group was going to be a bunch of snobby rich women, but I was completely wrong. Debra created this fantastic group of women who feel rich from the inside out and I was hooked. Debra has this incredible personality that is just so caring and passionate. She wants nothing but success for women and now I understand the true meaning of the Millionaire Woman. You’re amazing Debra!

“Awesome! Energizing! Presented such an empowering topic to women in business in an inspiring hometown way.”

Nadine Stielow
attendee Women in Business / City of Fort Saskatchewan

Debra Kasowski is a woman of passion and drive, and a pleasure to work with.  Together, Debra and I hosted and presented at Align Your Passion, Purpose & Power for 2010,   working alongside NY Times Best Selling Author Janet Attwood.  Sharing similar passions, we are co-authoring GPS Your Best Life(TM) – Taking You From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.  We have also authored 101 Ways to Stay Motivated (audio and ebook), and are facilitating a number of GPS Vision Board Workshops.  Debra is on a mission to help women be rich from the inside out and to inspire success!  She has the energy and the creativity to help women achieve their goals.  Three words to describe Debra?  Creative, inspiring and fun!

Charmaine Hammond
Hammond International Inc.

“On behalf of our Women in Business committee and all the attendees thank you for your fabulous presentation – Awaken the Confidence Within. It was interactive, enlightening, inspiring and exactly what we were looking for.

Terry Stacey
Economic Development Director / City of Fort Saskatchewan

“Debra, your presentation was personal, loving, interactive, and upbeat. Women shared amazing personal stories. I was honoured to be present to hear them. Thank you.”

Wendy Kinsman
City of Edmonton

In March of this year, I had the opportunity to hear Charmaine and Debra describe how their GPS Mapping worked. I couldn’t believe it.  I, all of a sudden, got really excited as I knew in my heart I could make this come true if I followed their advice.  My goal is to have a Womanition Magazine in all the major cities in Canada.  This is so achievable. I’m sure my eyes were popping out of my head.   I realized from their mapping I had to be prepared, organized and ready to move forward.  I would recommend these ladies and their incredible system, if you are looking to take your company to the next level.  Think big people!  It could happen.

Dorothy Briggs
Womanition/Vavasaur Publisher

“I am 73 years old, a farmer’s wife, an ex school teacher and have attended many, many meetings and conferences.  Debra Kasowski was the first speaker and set the mood for the entire day!  She was energetic, enthusiastic and informative. She is one of the very best motivational speakers I have ever hear speak; I enjoyed her very much.”

Doris B.

“Debra, is both connected and talented! As a presenter Debra creates an atmosphere of intent and leaves her audience with an I can do attitude! She has worked with some of the most successful people in North America and really knows how to draw out their insights and passion! Debra, is a business owner that you need to know!”

Jo-Ann Vacing
International Executive Managing Director / eWomen Network

Deb, I love your energy, drive and passion to fulfill your dreams while at the same time helping others fulfill their dreams too. My wife Darci and I really enjoyed your Millionaire Woman CD series a lot. I also heard some great comments on the seminar you held…Awesome! Thank you for your support & your inspiration. Keep up the great inspiring and encouraging work, it’s your passion so follow it!

Marco Silvestri
Silvestri Capital

“Debra’s presentation focuses on strengths and assets.  She has a deep understanding of such approaches as “The Strength-based Approach”, “Appreciative Inquiry”.  Her philosophy is appropriate to all age groups from child to senior and her presentation is easy to hear and follow.”

Lorraine I.

“Debra Kasowski was the guest speaker for an event with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation I organized and she was incredible! Her professional insight, personal mother-to-mother anecdotes and genuine charisma left our audience feeling uplifted and empowered. Living your passion and purpose is not easy is this busy world, but Debra is a coach who is able to teach her philosophies and make them tangible; she is able to take the dreams we have and teaches us how to make them a reality and then weave these dreams into our lives’ tapestry. It truly was a pleasure to have Debra at our event I would recommend her as a guest speaker for any audience as she is relatable, sincere and fabulous!”

Janelle Aker-Johnston
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

“Debra – your energy is electric! Your presentation was exciting and very engaging. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for next nugget of information. Thank you.”

Laura Coderre

“Debra is an enthusiastic knowledgeable business leader. Her magnetic and confident personality make her information easy to learn and absorb. Her Strategic Biz Plan is a clear necessity for every new business owner.”

Rosemarie Barnes

“Recently, Debra Kasowski spoke as the keynote presenter for Archbishop O’Leary’s Career Event. I was very impressed by her research she did prior to her talk to ensure that the information she presented was current and relevant. Her speech was packed with valuable messages and mant students remembered her B.A.L.D. acronym. Her down to earth, practical style was a welcome relief. Keep up your inspirational work.”

M. Maguire
Archbishop / O'Leary High School

“It was a pleasure to work with Debra Kasowski and present to her group at the Millionaire Woman Club.  Debra has a sincere interest in and passion for helping women to succeed in meeting their goals.  She has created an inspiring community for women to be rich from the inside out.  This is a great monthly event to attend to network, learn and laugh.”

Lisa Litwinski
LIT PATH Learning Centre Ltd.

“Debra is a true inspiration for all female entrepreneurs wanting to create their own business and success. I found her session insightful and it gave me some great value that I can take away and apply to my business straight away.”

Katy Green

Debra Kasowski genuinely cares about the people she meets.  She wants to see everyone become successful, whatever that means to each person.  She knows that everyone has a special place and a special purpose and she is passionate about helping people discover what those are in their lives.  Even though participants are encouraged to reflect on some difficult times in their lives, they never feel uncomfortable or threatened.  Debra always makes sure to keep it light and fun while maintaining the relevance of the discussions and presentation.  If you are looking for the total make over package, from the inside out, then Debra Kasowski of the Millionaire Woman is definitely the person you should contact.

Shannon Berry

“..after hearing you speak I was brave enough to stand up and tell my story and step out in faith. Since that day I believed for it and not only did I meet the Editor  but was asked to write for them. I now have eleven articles published with this paper from Nov. 1/2011 to Jan 1/2012 . I look forward to the great things that lay ahead. All this at 60 years old. You are never to late to persue your dream, I can attest to that.”

Bonnie G.

“Debra has a great stage presence and truly knows her topic. I highly recommend you take her expert advice.”

Colin Sprake

“Debra captivates her audience with her energy and enthusiasm. She obviously cares about ensuring business owners have the strategies they need to take their business to the next level.”

Eve Wahn

“Well done. Very inspirational with a solid message about success in business.”

Marva Ward

“Debra is a fantastic speaker. Very confident and makes me feel more confident in my life, career, and family.”

Tanya Ewanishin
Women in Business attendee / City of Fort Saskatchewan