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Creating Wealth with Kathleen Mailer

Creating Wealth with Kathleen Mailer (www.kathleenmailer.com)- Publisher of Today’s Business Woman Magazine

3 Ways to Create Wealth

You need to have three different things in your income. You need to create:

  1. Immediate Income: You can give someone a product and they give you $20 back.
  2. Intermediate Income: Money you know is coming in every month for the next 12-18  months no matter what, whether you are working or not.
  3. Legacy Income: Something that continues to grow and grow for passing it on for generation to generation.
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Are You a FIERCE Woman?

Last night I attended MOM Magazine 2011 FIERCE Woman Awards were I was nominated in the Outstanding MEO category. Tamara Plant organized a first class event. The night will forever be imprinted in my mind. The energy of the women in the room was incredible. I will say this – eating potatoes with never be the same. Imagine if you will creamy whipped potatoes in a martini glass with chicken poppers and a bit of gravy, sour cream, green onion and a little sprinkle of cheddar cheese. Melt in your mouth – yummy!
I was surrounded by some of the … Read the rest

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