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EPISODE 29: Quit Playing the Waiting Game

EPISODE 29: Quit Playing the Waiting Game

Are you waiting for the day that success come to you? Are you hoping for that perfect moment when everything in the world seems to align? Do you dream about having enough money for the right time to purchase a house or go after your dreams? Life is too short to play the waiting game. Many people are waiting on something: there waiting to hear for got the job, they’re waiting to see the proposal was accepted, or they may … Read the rest

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What Are You Waiting For?

My role as a speaker, author, and business, executive and entrepreneurial coach is to help people really get clear on the direction that they want to go. Often, they are faced with a challenge in their immediate time frame. They are trying to figure out ways to move forward to and move through to breakthrough. So many times I find people are waiting. Waiting for opportunities to be brought to them on a silver platter!

Well, sometimes you need to go out there and create your opportunities. You need to start sharing what it is you want to go after.  … Read the rest

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