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3 Dream Stealing Excuses Keeping You from Living Your Best Life

Everyone has a choice to create the happiness and the life of their dreams. Yet, few will take the initiative to actually make things happen. They come up with all the reasons they can not have what they want.

There are many excuses everything from: the dog to the kids, to my spouse or partner, to heap load of debt or no money, to I have a headache or I need to wash my hair. Think about your excuses.

How committed are you to your dream of creating a lifestyle of your dreams?

How committed are you to growing a Read the rest

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Celebrate Your Small Wins

Are you ready to throw in the towel? Stop right there! Have you taken time to celebrate your small wins? Acknowledge all the hard work you have had on your way to success.

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Habits Determine Your Success

Are your developing habits of success? Your habits determine how successful you will be.

What are your success habits? Share this post and comment below.

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5 Surefire Strategies to Prepare You for Success

I remember watching the Oprah Show one day when she had featured a product that she fell in love with. I believe it was a type of soap if I recall. The company was featured another time to share what happened after the show. Phone calls started pouring in and the product sold like crazy. The owners stated it was welcomed, however, it was challenging to keep up. Nice problem to have.

The lesson here is…

Are you READY for your success to arrive?

What do you need to do to get ready for the success that you wish to Read the rest

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Shift Your Thinking and Choose Your Attitude

Choosing your attitude during difficult times can be tough but it most important to do during these times. Watch the video to discover 4 tools you can use starting today.

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5 Top Entrepreneur Summer Reads

In the heat of summer, you do not want to lose the sizzle of your business! This is a great time to catch up reading, take a few notes, and think about how you can implement what you learn into business. When do you get the time to catch up on some of your reading?

Books that will make your summer sizzle include:

POP!: Create the Perfect Pitch, Tagline, and Title for Anything by Sam Horn

I love this book! It is an easy read chalked full of tips and brainstorming ideas to create ideas that literally POP! and grab … Read the rest

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Success Starts with the Power of Your Mind

The power of our minds is amazing yet we have more negative that positive thoughts going through our minds at any moment in time. I came across this message in Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do by Dr. Robert H. Schuller that reinforces the mindset you must have to achieve success. I love this message:

” Success all starts in your head, and every person has the freedom to choose to be a success or not.

Choose to succeed. See yourself as a successful person, and you will be a successful person.”

You have the power to filter the … Read the rest

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What is it Costing You “Not to Know”?

Does money make your world go ’round? Do you sit upright in bed at 3 in the morning thinking about how you are going to make ends meet? Do you get tense when your kids ask you for something in the store? Money is a great vehicle and tool to get the things you need and those extras that you want. Many women I talk to, think money is one of the biggest things holding them back from moving ahead. Sorry to say – it is actually their mindset and their willingness to take action.

Your mindset is one of … Read the rest

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Dabble, Dribble, and Discipline?

Mobile education in the car or iPod is the way to go especially if you are on the go. When I listen to my training and development audios, I am always triggered with new ideas and ways to grow my business. The best part is I get to share it with you. Knowledge is meant to be shared and if I can help you live a richer life from the inside out, I have met the challenge. 

You may have been in business for a while or you are wanting to improve your life in some shape or form. Some … Read the rest

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Handling Objections with Lori Raudnask

Lori Raudnask share tips on how to handle sales objections with Debra Kasowski.

One of the most important s to do when handling a sales objection is to always acknowledge what your client is objecting to. For instance, if someone has an objection say: thank you for sharing, I appreciate that, so you think the price is too high. Always come into their world first and find out the reason why they are objecting.

Ask a question. For example -“So the price is too high. I appreciate that. What have you compared it to?” Really go into their world … Read the rest

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