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Episode 34: What About the Competition

Competition is one of those driving forces that can either serve you or stall you. In First of all with getting straight, there are 7 billion people on this planet you alone cannot serve all of them and nor do you want to because some people are just not the right fit for what you’re doing. You want to be really clear on what you were focused on and what you want to accomplish.

Competition can be a good thing. What happens when people start competing or … Read the rest

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For those who know me, you know that I am a constant state of learning. I’m looking up information, listening to podcasts, and I always have a book on the go. I consider myself a student for life and I want to encourage you to do the same. The world is in a constant rapid state of change and if you don’t learn and improve your skills you can become outdated very quickly.

No matter your profession whether you are an employee … Read the rest

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Does Procrastination Really Have a Purpose?

I know many of us have procrastinated at one time or another in order to avoid rejection, failure, or working on something that really doesn’t interest us. I catch my kids holding up the homework train with text messaging or television – wondering when is this homework going to get done? I guess there are days I can even admit I ask the same thing about housework, laundry, and the odd business process. The other day my daughter came home from school and started explaining to me that she was at study skills session and the teacher said procrastination is … Read the rest

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Are You Unravelling at the Seams?

I love how life shows us our lessons or reflects past lessons as a reminder. Oh my goodness! My daughter wanted to learn how to knit so we went to the local craft store and checked out all the books on knitting and started to look at all the crochet books as well. I do not know how to knit whatsoever, however, I do know a few people who could possibly teach her. I have crocheted a scarf at one time so I suggested that she start with crochet so I could assist her. She was good with that suggestion.Read the rest

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Building Confidence

Are there times that you wish you felt more confident when you walk a room? If you look around that room, do you think everyone is 100% all the time? Tell you what, everybody lacks confidence in one area in their life or another, especially when they are trying out new things. Instead of worrying about that someone is so much better than you and comparing yourself. Look at the areas in your life that you are confident in, you feel completely in control in. You already ARE and HAVE confidence in many areas of your life…maybe just not in … Read the rest

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