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An Awakening of Sorts

Do you ever feel like you are doing things but you are not really sure if people are paying attention? This question sparked a very interesting conversation with several friends and colleagues. When you are posting in social media forums, do you know how many people are viewing or reading your comments. Do people see all of your efforts?

This week was packed with connecting with women changing the world in their businesses and really great conversations. At the Millionaire Woman Club, Lori Raudnask and Gail Martin spoke about The Patterns of the Sales Cycle and 30 Days to Social … Read the rest

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Handling Objections with Lori Raudnask

Lori Raudnask share tips on how to handle sales objections with Debra Kasowski.

One of the most important s to do when handling a sales objection is to always acknowledge what your client is objecting to. For instance, if someone has an objection say: thank you for sharing, I appreciate that, so you think the price is too high. Always come into their world first and find out the reason why they are objecting.

Ask a question. For example -“So the price is too high. I appreciate that. What have you compared it to?” Really go into their world … Read the rest

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