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EPISODE 29: Quit Playing the Waiting Game

EPISODE 29: Quit Playing the Waiting Game

Are you waiting for the day that success come to you? Are you hoping for that perfect moment when everything in the world seems to align? Do you dream about having enough money for the right time to purchase a house or go after your dreams? Life is too short to play the waiting game. Many people are waiting on something: there waiting to hear for got the job, they’re waiting to see the proposal was accepted, or they may … Read the rest

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Are You Suffering from Impostor Syndrome?

I love hearing the buzz of high-achieving women! They are going places and doing things and of course, look like they got it all together. A common theme that I hear amongst these powerful influential women is that they “feel like a fraud” or often referred to as “impostor syndrome” discovered by psychologists Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes in 1978. They often wonder: What if people learn that I am still working at a job while striving to be an entrepreneur? What if they learn that I am not as talented as they think? What if they learn that … Read the rest

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7 Reasons Entrepreneurs are More Resilient

?????????????????????????????????????????   I remember when I was first introduced to a networking meeting with entrepreneurs. The room was buzzing and people were laughing and sharing different ideas. I thought I was in a totally different world. People had such a different mindset than the employees I had been around. Entrepreneurs seems to have such control over their destiny or circumstance. I needed to be a part of it. The energy was contagious!

I have learned that being an entrepreneur is both an art and a science and that not everyone is cut out for the job. There have been several moments when … Read the rest

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