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EPISODE 31: The Knowing and Doing Gap

EPISODE 31: The Knowing and Doing Gap

Many of us know what to do but fall short on doing what we know we need to do. The difference between knowing and doing is that in knowing-what you believe to be true and is based on the knowledge and experience you have. Whereas, doing is about the actions you take based on the knowledge and experiences you have.

The gap between knowing and doing can be small as dime or as large as the universe. We filter the … Read the rest

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How to Receive Feedback Well – Even When You Do Not Like It!

Let’s face it sometimes receiving feedback is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Many of us have been in situations where individuals feel they must share unsolicited feedback about our parenting style, facilitation skills, the work that we do, how we drive a car, and even how we golf. Feedback can come from all directions. Some feedback is delivered with good intention and some perhaps not so much.

In Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen’s book, Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback (*even when its off base, unfair, poorly delivered, frankly you’re not in the Read the rest

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Are You Using Twitter Effectively for Your Business?


Would you like to get more followers, find your ideal customers, and reach more people with your message? Are you getting overwhelmed by the Twitter Buzz?  Who would have thought that 140 characters could have such punch? Twitter is more than people posting what they are up to or what they eating. Twitter is a very effective business tool if used correctly.


Twitter can do the following for you if used with intention:

  1. Build and nurture a community or tribe of followers – In order to build your community, you need to interact with the people who comment or
Read the rest
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