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Boost Your Emotional Intelligence by Asking Better Questions

My post “How to Use Your Emotional Triggers to Your Advantage” received a lot of feedback. I was asked whether or not I would be expanding it to a series and if I could dig deeper and leave you, the reader, contemplating some of the questions I ask.


Recognizing your emotional triggers is very important for the fact that our emotions and emotional awareness influence problem solving and decision-making. When you are triggered by your emotions, positive or negative, you should take a step back and ask yourself questions. By asking yourself questions, your brain can’t help but … Read the rest

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Raise Your Emotional Self-Awareness and Eliminate Your Blind Spots

Our emotions play a significant part in the quality of our lives. Self-help author Brian Tracy said that the quality of your life is determined by how you feel about yourself. In business and sometimes in life, you may find it difficult to talk about emotions. People often get uncomfortable with the “touchy-feely” side of interpersonal relationships. People skills, often referred to as soft skills, are a key component in improving the quality of your life. Many people look to external factors to improve the quality and happiness in their lives. However, the one person who can change everything is

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