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7 Things You Can Do When Life Knocks You Down

No matter how planned and prepared you are, life can throw you a curve ball that you did not expect. You may have been passed over for promotion that you had been anticipating and had worked hard for. Your investments took a loss or your business failed. You may be the salesperson who is constantly faced with rejection. An injury may have ended a career. No one would blame you for feeling down and out. You may experience depression and feel unworthy; however, nothing will change until you make the change.

“It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether

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Dabble, Dribble, and Discipline?

Mobile education in the car or iPod is the way to go especially if you are on the go. When I listen to my training and development audios, I am always triggered with new ideas and ways to grow my business. The best part is I get to share it with you. Knowledge is meant to be shared and if I can help you live a richer life from the inside out, I have met the challenge. 

You may have been in business for a while or you are wanting to improve your life in some shape or form. Some … Read the rest

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